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BELTRAIDE has collaborated with the Centre for the Promotion of Micro and Small Enterprises (CENPROYMPE) and the Embassy of Taiwan (China) in executing a project in Belize namely, “Integral Development of Entrepreneurship for Central America and Dominican Republic”. The purpose of the project is to promote and strengthen entrepreneurship in Belize by generating, accelerating and strengthening emerging businesses in the segment of micro, small and medium enterprises. In 2013, seventeen entrepreneurs benefited from the program and have accessed seed capital for the growth of their businesses in terms of purchasing raw material, machinery and promotional material. The program is geared towards empowering entrepreneurs and boosting their operation for development and success.  


Workshops have started yesterday April 14, 2014,  with a platform to assist with capacity building and the molding of their business plan. This is done in an effort to access seed capital to fund their business.

For more information, please feel free to contact us:

Belize Trade and Investment Development Service (BELTRAIDE)

14 Orchid Garden St., City of Belmopan, Cayo District, Belize




Making Small Business Happen

The Pan American Development Foundation (PADF) is working along with the Small Business Development Centre (SBDCBelize), a unit of BELTRAIDE, to create economic opportunities, promote social progress, and strengthen communities and civil society.

The program has three main objectives:
• Develop employability and entrepreneurial skills among youths by completing a 12-week training program on small business development as well as through work readiness and life skills methodologies
• Create opportunities for self-employment through modest seed funding in the form of matching grants for entrepreneurship initiatives
• Increase youth employability through hiring events and other services to match trained youth with employers in sector such as business outsourcing processes and tourism and hospitality

Here is Your Chance to Grown Your Business

Exploring new development in rural Small Businesses


A capacity building workshop, is being executed by SBDCBelize Beltraide with approved funds from Compete Caribbean, is taking place in the Placencia Village in collaboration with the Placencia Village Council, from Feb 3 – 7, 2014.

In light of upcoming investment developments to the south of Belize, these workshops were geared towards targeting new and existing entrepreneurs in order to enhance their business skills, professional services and standards.


Participants, who comprised of entrepreneurs and businesspeople from Placencia and the surrounding area, spent one week learning various business centered topics. These topics included:

  • Entrepreneurship;
  • Basic Business Plan Development;
  • Costing and Pricing;
  • Record Keeping;
  • Developing Customer Service;
  • Logistics; and
  • Marketing and Sales.


SBDCBelize Beltraide wishes to congratulate all the participants on their exceptional participation during the training workshop.


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What is a Business Plan & What Can It Do For You?

Below you will find a business plan template or business plan format, describing the main components of a traditional business plan. It’s basic design has been around for many many years, maybe even hundreds, I’m not sure, but it goes way back.

A business plan is important both for you and for others who want to know about your business. It describes your business, it’s goals, and financial projections. In short, it serves as your business’s resume.

Every business, of course, needs a direction and a strategy. That’s what a good business plan will give you. Remember this: a well-written business plan must provide your business with a blueprint for success. Your business plan will also go a long way to help you keep your thinking organized and in perspective.

Your plan does not have to be long and complicated, especially at the beginning. For smaller businesses, keep it as simple and succinct as you can, yet informative. Use it as a living document, try to keep it flexible, modifying it often as needed.

I actually know some small businesses without one and still doing pretty good. However, most business people would agree that every business needs a business plan in order to reach its full potential.

Now you can either purchase business plan software, which might end up saving you some time, or you can save money by creating your own business plan using the standard format.

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