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The Belize Trade and Investment Development Service in collaboration with the Compete Caribbean, IDB, UK aid and Canada conducted the very first Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) working session; an effort to align and unite the key players in this booming industry. This session fostered dialogue between the Consultant Mr. Shaun Finnety and afforded BPO organization to voice their concerns whilst sharing their valuable experience.  BPO association was developed on Tuesday, January 21st 2013, from 8:30 am- 12:30 pm at the ITVET Building in Belize City in the Dining Room area.


Consultant Mr. Shaun Finnetty, BPO Consultant, has been contracted to develop and implement the “Belize BPO Association/Council.”. With the advent of the of the BPO industry in Belize since 2005, presently there is fourteen (14) centers functioning in Belize.  The working session is geared at firstly developing a uniquely blended BPO association, promote networking between BPO to share their experiences and delegate key players in the formation of the association.

BSCP Newletter Volume 1, Issue 2

Belize’s Hidden Treasure in I.T. Outsourcing

ImageIt is evident that in recent years, Belize has seen the advent of the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry with the boom of contact centers providing services to various offshore companies. The first center opened its doors in 2005 and today, there are 14 active BPO’s in Belize offering both outbound sales and inbound customer service. Though the interest in Belize’s BPO industry continues to be strong, there is a shifting focus where multinational companies seek to outsource their I.T. services in Latin America and the Caribbean in order to tap into lower costing near shore markets due to rising costs in Asia, while also leveraging a new talent pool of ICT innovation.

The worldwide I.T. outsourcing (ITO) market is forecast to reach $288 billion in 2013, a 2.8% increase in U.S. dollars from 2012 according to Gartner, Inc. Statistics also show that ITO markets in emerging Asia/Pacific, Latin America and Greater China will all grow more than 13% in 2014 with the expansion of multinational buyers into these regions. So where does this leave Belize amidst this growth in the global ITO industry?

According to a recent study, the University of Belize has churned up to 105 graduates in I.T. with 56 earning a Bachelor’s degree and 49 earning an Associate’s between 2010 and 2013. During this same period, the Junior Colleges in Belize that offer an I.T. Associate degree program have produced 185 graduates in I.T. with Galen University recently introducing its program being scheduled to graduate 18 in 2014. This means that in four (4) years, we have produced close to 308 programmers in Belize’s I.T. talent pool; however, there are two major problems that are at hand.

First, though many students are graduating with degrees in I.T., only a few work in the field after they graduate due to a lack of professional I.T. careers or job opportunities in Belize. The few that are available, fill up by the brightest, leaving the others to either become freelance entrepreneurs, or to work in a field completely unrelated to I.T. Secondly, because of this, the interest of I.T. and students majoring in it have fallen due to fears of not being able to obtain work in the market after graduation. The study shows that total tertiary I.T. graduates in 2011 fell from 85 to 75 in 2012. So how can we leverage this available talent pool in Belize. Continue reading “Belize’s Hidden Treasure in I.T. Outsourcing”

Outsourcing in the Americas 2012 Nearshore Nexus Conference

Belize has been receiving increasing attention from U.S. Companies seeking an alternative to low cost destinations in Asia and India. Americas Nearshore Nexus was the premiere conference that connected countries like Belize to the faster-growing IT services and BPO (Business Processing Outsourcing) Region in the world.  With more than 20 expert speakers representing more than 14 different countries in the Americas, Nearshore Nexus was the conference of the year.  The conference was by “invitation only”, designed especially for senior-level business, IT and Finance Executives seeking to gain high-value connections and knowledge about utilizing offshore business process operations in Latin America and the Caribbean – and BELIZE was there! Continue reading “Outsourcing in the Americas 2012 Nearshore Nexus Conference”

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