Renewable energy symposium in Corozal

Renewable energy symposium in Corozal

The Ministry of Energy, Science and Technology and Public Utilities hosted a renewable energy symposium in Corozal this morning. The purpose of the session, which included participation from the public and private sector, is to get input from a wide cross-section of Belizean stakeholders.  According to the minister of Energy, Joy Grant, that input will form the basis for working sessions on how to make cheaper sources of energy a reality, sooner rather than later. Continue reading “Renewable energy symposium in Corozal”

The 2013 IDEAS Energy Innovation Contest for Latin America and the Caribbean

The 2013 IDEAS
Energy Innovation Contest for Latin America and the Caribbean

invites you to take part in the call for proposals for improving energy efficiency and expanding access to renewable energy in Latin America and the Caribbean.


Image  Continue reading “The 2013 IDEAS Energy Innovation Contest for Latin America and the Caribbean”

Belize Wind Energy

Belize Wind Energy Ltd goal is to build multiple large scale wind farms in strategic locations in Belize and thereby guaranteeing the people of Belize price stabilization and supply security, supporting Belize in becoming energy independent and creating an economically viable industry by producing energy and exporting it to the entire Americas.

Belize Wind Energy Ltd is investing hundreds of millions of dollars in the Belize economy over a very short period of time by financing and building large-scale wind farms.

The initial feasibility study is ongoing and we project construction to commence in 2014. Clean, reliable and renewable wind energy will be available in Belize in 2014.


“GSR Energy Limited is one of the winners of the 2012 IDEAS Energy Innovation Contest for the Caribbean.  The award is in the form of a grant for the Bagasse Co-Generation Project. An excerpt from the link in regards to the contest is provided below.

After three years of self-funded effort, GSR Energy Limited’s Bagasse Co-Generation Project has received a vote of confidence from an international consortium.

In addition to grant funding, GSR Energy Limited will receive technical and business development support to implement the Sugar Cane Bio-Refinery Project which is comprised of the Bagasse Co-Generation Project fully integrated with an Ethanol Plant.

GSR Energy Limited will also receive access to other experts, policy makers, institutions and potential financial partners.”

Further details are provided in the following link:,3808.html

Source: Inter- American Development Bank:,3808.html

A Snapshot at Belize’s Renewable Potential!

Since achieving independence in 1981, Belize’s energy sector has evolved from one that was heavily dependent on fossil fuels to now very much diverse with significant sources of renewable energy. Currently, the country gets its energy from four main sources: imported fossil fuels, imported electricity, locally generated hydro-electricity, and biomass energy. While close to half of the total existing power is derived from hydro source, there exists a visible gap for further expansion of the renewable sources, in replacement of the often costly and unpredictable fossil derivative (fuel). Continue reading “A Snapshot at Belize’s Renewable Potential!”

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