Placencia Small Business Development

SBDCBelize and Compete Caribbean

In light of upcoming investment developments to the south of Belize, a one week capacity building workshop, executed by SBDCBelize Beltraide with approved funds from Compete Caribbean, took place in the Placencia Village in collaboration with the Placencia Village Council. This workshop was geared towards targeting new and existing entrepreneurs in order to enhance their business skills, professional services and standards.

Twenty participants, who comprised of entrepreneurs and business-people from Placencia and the surrounding area, spent one week learning various business centered topics. These participants came from various backgrounds and professions. They included: These topics included: Entrepreneurial Development; Basic Business Plan Development; Costing and Pricing; Record Keeping; Developing Customer Service; Logistics; and Marketing and Sales. They were all challenged to be creative, innovative, original, self-confident, and responsible throughout the entire program. Keeping those main points in mind allowed them to constantly think of ways to create value and build new business ideas, or seek ways to improve and enhance their existing businesses.

Everyone participating fully engaged with the trainers, brought creative ideas and comments to the workshop, and made wonderful contributions towards the development of their existing and potential business ideas. At the end of the week, their creativity and willingness to grow as entrepreneurs allowed them to remain on course and graduate. All participants stated that it was a wonderful experience meeting different people within the community and surrounding areas, and being able to share and interact during the one week period.


SBDCBelize, BELTRAIDE Networking initiative

DSCN5153As BELTRAIDE’s Small Business Development Centre, SBDCBelize is committed to reach out to existing and potential clients through interactive, and personalized contact, with the goal of fostering a long-term and sustained relationship.  On September 28-29, 2013, Business Advisers of SBDCBelize conducted an outreach in Toledo District, with existing clients to facilitate and establish a follow up that enabled them to:

1. Conduct a client satisfaction survey

2. Conduct a needs analysis survey

3. Business advising dependent on needs

These out district outreach initiative is expected to continue in the upcoming months, with a clear focus to continue the sustainability of our Centre’s Values: Entrepreneurship, Integrity, Innovation and Collaboration.

In addition to the above, SBDCBelize attended the Toledo Association of Businesses’ (TAB) Annual General Meeting, where networking was established through  a presentation that highlighted the role of BELTRAIDE in the context of Investment, Trade, and Micro, Small and Medium Size Enterprise (MSME) Development.

SBDCBelize is humbled and thankful to its clients, and to TAB, for the hospitality with which they were welcomed.

Click here for a photo album of outreach.

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