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EXPORTBelize, BELTRAIDE congratulates Hot Mama’s Belize for its participation in Mr. Densil Williams’s case study.The study entitled Competing against Multinationals in Emerging Markets draws on efficiency theory, portfolio theory and market structure theory as the lens through which to explain business survival/ failure. By using those theoretical insights along with case studies the book provides a comprehensive set of lessons which successful small firms have adopted in order to survive and prosper in an increasingly hostile competitive manufacturing sector where large firms are mostly dominant. Drawing lessons about competing in a highly competitive sector, the book uses the of narrative in social research to inform conclusions about factors which lead to survival and prosperity.

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Belize Film Festival

Sixty videos features at Film Festival

The annual Belize International Film Festival will not open until July, but today, a preview of what you can expect was revealed. The National Institute of Culture of History announced today that the festival is growing and that this year, more submissions were entered. All in all, there will be forty-five films and fifteen music videos featured when the festival gets underway. Duane Moody was on hand for the announcement of the calendar of events.


Duane Moody, Reporting

The media launch of the ninth annual Belize International Film Festival was held today at the House of Culture in Belize City. The event was to unveil a teaser for the film festival and to announce that of the local and international submissions, forty-five short films, featured films and documentaries were selected. Technical quality, esthetics, style and content were the criteria used to determine the selections.


Suzette Zayden, Director, Film Festival 2014

“This year we got a lot of entries, a lot of short documentaries even more than the featured films which is interesting because that is an area that we really need to start concentrating on here in Belize; encouraging people to make short films. So the more shorts they can see, the more inspired they can be to say that’s not so long so I can do that too. We had a three month submission period from January to March. Submissions came in from all over the world. We did not choose every film; we chose forty-five films. I believe we got about seventy films submitted. We are always happy to see the submissions coming from out of Belize. It is always interesting to see when they come in from Europe and from areas that are much further away than the Belizean reality. Quite frankly, we are just happy. We don’t know how they know about us; the power of the internet and help of your guys of course, but they are hearing about us and they are very pleased to be a part of our festival.”

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Da Dun Fine Art

19th Da Dun Exhibition

24th Annual Museum Association Of the Caribbean General Meeting

24th Annual Museum Association Of the Caribbean General Meeting

The Museum Association of the Caribbean (MAC) is holding its twenty-fourth annual general meeting under the theme “Pooling our Resources: Collaborations, Connections and Partnerships.” The goal is to develop concrete ideas and policies on how the association can address the challenges of museums in the region. The meeting is expected to convince the Ministry of Education throughout the Caribbean to put museology as a core subject in schools. And on this occasion, a new president of the MAC will be chosen. News Five spoke with the outgoing President Cyril Saltibus as well as Director of the Museum of Belize, Sherilyn Jones on the four-day conference.


Sherilyn Jones, Director, Museum of Belize & Houses of Culture

“The Museum of Belize is located here by the Central Bank Compound. The establishment of the houses of cultures is like an extension, an arm, of the museum because everything is so Belize City centric. We felt that we needed presence in the different municipalities in the districts and hence the houses of culture. They do community Continue reading “24th Annual Museum Association Of the Caribbean General Meeting”

BTB 2013 Village Expo

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