The Belize Training and Employment Centre (BTEC), a unit of BELTRAIDE, has successfully completed its first Job Preparedness Training for 2020!

The Belize Training and Employment Centre (BTEC), a unit of BELTRAIDE has successfully completed its first Job Preparedness Training for 2020!

Today, 45 participants have been certified after completing a three-week Administrative Assistant Training. The programme covered both the soft and technical skills necessary to prepare participants for work as effective administrative professionals. Some of the topics covered included time management, conflict management, organizational skills, professional etiquette and much more. The Belize Training and Employment Centre hopes that this intense, interactive programme will contribute greatly to the future accomplishments of these participants.

BELTRAIDE, through its technical unit BTEC, remains committed to developing a cadre of well-trained individuals who can successfully compete in the workforce.

BTEC, BELTRAIDE Certifies 17 persons in The Basics of Caregiving

The Belize Training and Employment Centre (BTEC), a unit of BELTRAIDE , in partnership with the National Council on Ageing, has successfully completed its final Job Preparedness Training for 2019!

Today, seventeen persons have been certified in Basics of Caregiving after completing a 5-week training programme. The training covered First-aid and CPR facilitated by the Belize Emergency Response Team (BERT); the basics of elderly care; caring for persons with Dementia and Alzheimer’s and a host of other topics facilitated by Dr. Ajay Hochandani, Nurse Kelsey Dawson and Chandra Ake as well as a 2-week internship at the Sister Cecelia’s Home for the Elderly.

Beyond learning the technical skills necessary for work in the caregiving field, the first week of this training comprised of soft skills preparation in topics such as Work Ethic, Communication Skills, Time Management and Customer Service in addition to an overview of Belize’s Labour Laws facilitated by the Labour Department and Substance Abuse in the Workplace facilitated by the National Drug Abuse Control Council (NDACC). The soft-skills and technical component of the training aimed to equip participants with the tools to become successful professionals in the caregiving field.

BELTRAIDE, through its technical unit, BTEC remains committed to developing a cadre of well-trained individuals who can successfully compete in the workforce.

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The Belize Training and Employment Centre completes Hospitality Trainings in Placencia

The Belize Training and Employment Centre (BTEC), a unit of BELTRAIDE, has successfully completed another round of Hospitality Trainings. This round was held in Placencia Village and focused on the areas of Waitstaff and Housekeeping and Janitorial Basics.

The three-week programme provided participants with the skills needed to prepare them for employment in the hospitality industry. The first week covered soft-skills such as professionalism, time-management, conflict management and communication skills while the second week focused on customer service excellence and service recovery. In the final week of training, participants were divided into their respective technical areas and were given practical assessments that emulated realistic workplace experiences.

To celebrate the accomplishments of the twenty-seven graduates, a certificate ceremony was held on March 21st 2019 at the Placencia Community Centre where fourteen participants were awarded certificates of completion in the Waitstaff Training and thirteen in the Housekeeping and Janitorial Basics Training.

BTEC ,and in extension, BELTRAIDE, remains committed to developing well-trained , marketable and self-sufficient individuals by providing industry specific and demand driven programmes that will sustain a quality workforce.

BELTRAIDE Hosts First Talent Fair 2017

In an effort to better match Belize’s talent capacity with investment demands, the Belize Trade and Investment Development Service (BELTRAIDE), through its technical units of BelizeINVEST and the Belize Training and Employment Centre (BTEC), held its first ever Talent Fair 2017 on August 17, 18 and 19 at BTEC on the ITVET Compound in Belize City. Continue reading “BELTRAIDE Hosts First Talent Fair 2017”




The Belize Training and Employment Centre (BTEC), a unit of BELTRAIDE, on Wednesday, 1st February awarded certificates to 66 persons after completing a tourism based Job Preparedness Training in Belize City, which was held from 11th –27th January, 2017.

The Job Preparedness Training, had the participation of one of the largest groups, and was made of two components: soft skills (attitudes and behaviors) and technical skills (industry specific).

This is the first time in Belize City that BTEC executed training in three technical areas: Front Desk, Introduction to Bartending and House-keeping/Janitorial.

Sixty-six persons (66) completed the training with over 98% completing successfully and the remaining 2% receiving certificate of participation. Each participant was required to sit a Pre-test in English, Customer Service and Basic Tourism Facts.

All participants had to successfully complete six (6) days of soft skills, two days of customer service before they could begin their technical training.

BTEC partnered with Happy Maids for the execution of the House-keeping/Janitorial training. The training included both theory and practical. Participants went into the community and showcased their skills by cleaning homes and offices.

BTEC continued its partnership with the Belize Institute of Mixology for the delivery of the Introduction to Bartending and for the first time was able to offer Advance Bartending training to participants. Participants had to successfully complete both theory and practical for the Introduction before they were allowed to move on to the Advance Level.

BTEC’s staff facilitated the front desk training and was able to reach out to Ezee Solutions, a company that has front desk software, which was incorporated into the training.

Hon. Tracy Taegar-Panton, Minister of State for the Ministry responsible for Investment, Trade & Commerce, presented the certificates and awards to the participants.

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