Call for Expressions of Interest

The International Labour Organization is seeking to hire a qualified consultancy firm to undertake a sector selection and value chain analysis in Belize. Interested candidates are invited to review the following Terms of Reference and to submit their proposals by 22nd of September 2022

Terms of Reference

ProjectILO- Building a Resilient Belize
AssignmentCarry out research to select two value chain selection with the potential to generate income and employment, and to support recovery of MSMEs (due to the impacts of COVID19 and the subsequent economic crisis), with particular emphasis on vulnerable groups, such as women, rural poor, youth, and indigenous populations.
Location of the AssignmentBelize
Period of Contract4.5  months
Type of ContractConsultancy
Open toResearch Experts (firms)
Deadline for Submitting Applications22th of September 2022
Submit with copy to  

1.    Context

The ILO, as part of the Joint UN Program: Building a Resilient Belize through universal, adaptive, and sustainable social protection, seeks to support Belize, in line with its National Development Plan Belize 2010-2030, to recover from the devastating impact of the pandemic, particularly on vulnerable groups such as women, micro entrepreneurs and rural population.

The main results of the Joint Program (JP) are centered on two interconnected outcomes, both of which are articulated in Plan Belize and the Government’s Medium-Term Development Strategy Priority Areas: Poverty Reduction and Economic Growth.

Amongst others, the JP aims to achieve the following result:

  • Result 2: Male and female entrepreneurs whose incomes and livelihoods were further devastated by COVID-19 will have access to a strengthened environment for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), to enable their growth and to reduce their vulnerability to shocks 

The government in its Plan Belize 2010-2030 has put specific emphasis in the recovery and empowerment of MSMEs in which we still see most of the jobs being generated (over 60%) and of particular relevance for women and youth. Most enterprises in Belize are MSMEs (over 90%). The pandemic has even widened this sector due to loss of formal jobs within the economy. The small enterprises are often characterized by low productivity, high informality (over 90%) and a short life span.

To assist the Belizean government in its reactivation efforts, the ILO constituents and partners will work with the key stakeholders to support MSMEs with particular attention for vulnerable groups as women, youth, and indigenous peoples and to generate integrated support in an articulated manner. This innovative pilot program will focus on two specific value chains, which will be identified in a participative manner with the stakeholders.

Given the background, the objectives of this consultancy are:

  • To identify economic value chains with the potential to generate sustainable entrepreneurship and new jobs , with particular attention for the economic integration of vulnerable groups;
  • To present jointly agreed upon pathways of innovative actions towards integration of farmers and small scale entrepreneurs in these value chains.
  • To present a plan to support prioritized municipalities to generate a local inclusive economic environment to support entrepreneurs within these value chains.
  • To present a plan to support business development services providers in generating relevant and adequate content based on their situational analysis and gap analysis of current BDS services.

For this end, the services of a consultancy firm are required, who will work under the technical supervision of the ILO team. The main activities of the firm will be to:

  1. Hold initial consultations with the ILO and project partners to clearly identify the expectations of the consultancy and the proposed work plan. Preparations will include a review, discussion, and follow-up meetings.
  1. Identify and present the criteria for the selection of the value chains to prioritize
  1. Conduct an in-depth analysis of the proposed value chains.
  1. Conduct complementary interviews with at least 5 actors in each selected sector.
  • Conduct focus groups/virtual workshops, once the value chains have been selected, to validate the results obtained.
  • Draft the study under the supervision of the ILO team. The firm will draft a 50–70-page document (excluding annexes), based on a structure previously validated by the ILO, and respecting the parameters established by the ILO methodology Value Chain Development for Decent Work.

2.    Research

The researcher/s will conduct reviews, surveys, and interviews on existing and emerging value chains, and will seek a participative process to identify key value chains with income generation and job creation potential.

The research activities in Belize will be undertaken under the supervision of the sustainable enterprise specialist John Bliek ( and the coordinator of the ILOs activities on resilience in Belize and will have the support and orientation of the Outcome 2 Working Group in Belize.

3.    Deliverables

  • The Final report to be produced should include the following: Introduction, methodology, Sector Selection, Key Criteria, Long and Short List, Value Chain Mapping and Analysis, Stakeholder Analysis and Commitment. Supporting documentation is also to be provided in complementary annexes to the final document.
  • The consulting firm may be required to participate in follow-up activities to present on, and address, the recommendations resulting from the research conducted.

4.    Proposed timelines

  • Submission of research proposal -> 22nd of September30th 2022
  • Identification of expert/team of experts -> 22nd of September 2022
  • Signing of contract -> 15th of October 2022
  • Submission of workplan and methodology -> End of October 2022
  • Report on the selection of Value Chains and sectors -> End of November 2022
  • 1st draft -> 2nd week of December
  • 2nd draft -> 5th of February 2023
  • Final draft -> End of February 2023


  • Education on a bachelor or master level in the areas of development studies, economy or business administration, or any relevant social science
  • At least 5 years’ experience on value chain research and analysis of BDS services
  • Proven experience on Inclusive Local Economic Development and Economic Analysis
  • Strong communication skills
  • Proficiency in English
  • Ability to multi-task and work with tight deadlines and to lead participative processes
  • Excellent planning and prioritization skills
  • Experience in working in multi-cultural and varying socio-economic contexts


Interested candidates are invited to submit the following documents/information to demonstrate their relevant qualifications and experience by email to:

Statement of interest including financial proposal and expert CVs (for identified experts)

  • Two relevant research samples.
  • Research plan including work plan and identification of roles and responsibilities in the team.


22nd of September 2022 (before COB).