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Female Entrepreneurship Program (FEP) –Training Techniques Component

The Belize Trade and Investment Development Service (BELTRAIDE) and the Ministry with responsibility for Economic Development and Investment, has received funding from the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives (CFLI) to improve the competencies and strengthen the economic empowerment and leadership skills of female cacao farmers in Southern Belize over a six (6) month period, via the Female Entrepreneurship Program (FEP). As a key component, the project is executing capacity building workshops, advisory, and mentorship to foster the transfer of knowledge, business continuity and sustainability.

Project Activities:

Activity 1: Training of Trainers, Needs Assessment Trainings & provision of Business Development Tools (Cacao Women Farmers)

Activity 2: One-on-one advisory service & mentorship provided to trainees and knowledge transfer recipients.

Activity 3: Development of an implementation plan for the transfer of knowledge from 20 trainees to other women cacao farmers

Scope of Work

Under Activity 1, one training shall provide Training Techniques focused on trainings/workshops to twenty (20) trainees/cacao farmers, inclusive of key activities/deliverables.

Capacity Building/Workshop Expectations:

TopicDescriptionTools to be developed & transferredExpected outcomes
Training PreparationThe Facilitator shall advise of all the necessary steps to prepare for the training or knowledge transfer.
This includes but is not limited to
– Develop a profile of your trainees
– Develop a training calendar and session Plan
· Content
· Aids
· Timeframe
Training Presentation to be shared with participants
Training Preparation Checklist
Sheet for development of trainee profile
Participants engage in training preparation as an activity to prepare for actual training preparation
Training Preparation Checklist completed
Training Methods and ApproachThere are various training methods that are used to get the message across to the audience. This includes;
– Role play
– Assignment
– Case study
– Training games
– Group exercises
– Programmed learning
The Trainee profile will determine the best method and approach to use. The facilitator shall touch on two key approaches:
– Active Training Approach
– Experiential Training Approach
Training Presentation to be shared with participants
Handouts on Training Methods and Approaches with relevant examples
Participants determine appropriate training methods and approaches for their knowledge transfer activity
Training AidsThe facilitator will discuss a list of training aids and how to make and/or use them to get the message across to the audience.
Some training aids include;
– Motion pictures
– Videos
– Colour slides
– Overhead projector transparencies
– Computer pallet

– Chalkboard
– Whiteboard
– Charts and diagrams
– Models
– Exhibits
– Handouts
– Tape recorder
Training Presentation to be shared with participants
Sheet for evaluation of training aids based on profile of audience
Participants determine the list of training aids to be used in the knowledge transfer activities
Planning and delivering the presentationThe Facilitator will cover the following topics
– Outline what the trainees will learn
– Choose the training method
– Organize materials
– Develop the session plan
– Deliver techniques
Training Presentation to be shared with participants
Worksheet for completion by participants that allows for planning of the presentation
Practical Exercises on delivery techniques
Principles of Effective CommunicationEffective Communication is a key part of training delivery. The facilitator will discuss effective communication and key considerations for the following;
– Spoken Language
– Written Language
– Gestures or Body language
Training Presentation to be shared with participants
Practical Exercises in effective communication

BELTRAIDE is inviting qualified individuals to submit Expressions of Interest (EOI) by providing proof of qualifications and experience to undertake the assignment over a period of (two) calendar days.

The consulting firm/consultant must possess the following qualifications:

  • Team Leader must possess, at minimum, a Master’s Degree in Business, Communication, Education, or a related field.
  • 5 years or more experience on training entrepreneurs and business owners in areas of business development
  • Experience in development and delivery of training/workshops to female entrepreneurs
  • Excellent communication, writing, reporting, and computer skills. 
  • Outstanding Inter-cultural communication and networking skills.

Responses to this specific call for EOI’s may be sent by electronic mail no later than February 9, 2022 at 4:00 pm (Belize Time) and clearly marked “EOI: Consultancy Service for Female Entrepreneurship Program (FEP) Training Techniques Component.”

Following the assessment of submission, shortlisted consultants shall be invited to submit a proposal inclusive of course outline and budget.

BELTRAIDE reserves the right to accept or reject late applications or to cancel this invitation partially or in its entirety. BELTRAIDE will not be bound to provide reason(s) for not shortlisting any applicant, and will not defray costs incurred by the applicant, in the preparation and submission of Expression of Interest.

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