The Small Business Development Centre Belize (SBDCBelize), ​EXPORTBelize, and Belize Training & ​Employment Centre (BTEC)—units of BELTRAIDE—with support from The Center for the Promotion of Micro and Small Enterprise (CENPROMYPE), THE US State Department, and The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg launched its Female Entrepreneurship Program today, March 1, 2019. This program is designed EXCLUSIVELY for Women, and seeks to improve their competencies and strengthen their empowerment and leadership skills. It is a space of collaboration among women, a generator of new knowledge and innovation where they learn to build and validate their Business Model in a participative and dynamic manner.

“FEMALE ENTREPRENEURSHIP”, which is the mechanism referred to as the specialized service, will provide the participants with business advisors that offer specialized techniques in innovation and entrepreneurship, and their role will be to accompany the participants in this experience through group meetings, personalized counseling, facilitation and management of contact networks and workshops, and orientation to facilitate the innovation process and construction and validation of their business models based on the market.

The participants will receive specialized knowledge and practical tools for them to identify business opportunities. They will also receive tools that allows them to take advantage of the opportunities detected through the design of adjustment of solutions and/or products that respond to the market needs, increase sales, clientele, or the design new products and services.

In addition, to building their business acumen the program seeks to also educate women on legal framework for gender equality and women’s right.