Founded in 2011 by electrical engineer, Marco Valle, Pro Solar Engineering Ltd. has set out to provide Belize with reliable renewable energy. Since then, the company has grown and transitioned into a modern and innovative clean energy company providing tailored systems and services to our clients. Pro Solar Engineering specializes in solar, wind and hydro energy systems, and have recently expanded to offer modernized and highly efficient renewable energy equipment that uses advanced digital solutions and monitoring features through a world renowned brand, Tesla, Inc. All projects to date have been conducted in Belize, a thriving developing nation nestled in the Central American and Caribbean region bordered to the North by Mexico, West and South by Guatemala and East by the pristine Caribbean Sea. Belize has long sunlight days, is filled with many networks of rivers with good wind power potential along the coast and in elevated areas. Pro Solar Engineering Ltd. is committed to the sustainable development of Belize’s environment by assisting in the yearly reduction of Belize’s carbon footprint by offering cost effective renewable energy solutions that are worth the investment. The company’s objective is to promote the socioeconomic development in Belize by means of supplying dependable and cost-effective green power systems, and by helping in the development of a self-sufficient and energy independent Belize.

Furthermore, the Company offers renewable energy turnkey solutions, a concept that is more than just selling a solar panel or battery, it involves evaluating our clients’ energy needs, designing, installing, and maintenance of the renewable energy system. The ‘Turnkey-Solutions’ concept is much more rewarding when you understand the capabilities of your product and personnel. For this very reason, Pro Solar Engineering Ltd. only collaborates with well-known manufacturers who can guarantee their product because they believe in its manufacturing process.

The demand for renewable energy has increased significantly in Belize over the past 3-5 years. Current market demand stems mainly from Belize’s growing pool of foreign investors that come to Belize to invest in the tourism industry using sustainable practices or to retire. Additionally, demand also exists for local business owners in need of renewable energy for electricity supply in Off -Grid or Grid-Tie areas.

Currently, the Company provides its services to:

  1. International Clients- Foreign Direct Investment in Tourism Industry / Retirees)
  2. Private Sector
  3. Residential (Belizean and Foreign)
  4. Government Programs (Potable Water Supply, Electricity Supply), Ministry of Tourism & Civil Aviation, Belize Social Investment Fund.
  5. Non-Governmental Organizations


In addition to supporting climate stabilization goals and energy efficiency measures, the Company will continue to contribute to the overall macroeconomic benefits of the country through the acquisition of renewable energy projects from foreign investments in the tourism and commercial industries of Belize. Pro Solar Engineering is dedicated to aiding rural off-grid villages with the efficient provision of cost effective energy systems for their daily use for which they also assist in providing donations of small systems to vulnerable groups.

The Company specialize in three areas of renewable energy generation: Solar, Wind and Hydro. Services include site assessments, systems design, proposal development, preventative maintenance, state of the art wireless monitoring systems and personalized trainings for the installed systems. The Company also specializes in the sale of renewable energy, electrical, and electromechanical equipment, energy efficient air conditioning units, solar water heating equipment, reverse osmosis equipment and installation and the sale of solar water pumps. The Company works with renowned renewable energy manufactures (mostly from the USA and Germany) like Tesla, Inc. for which they are the only certified installers in Central America. Other well-known quality renewable energy suppliers include: Outback, SMA, Schneider Electric, Bergey Wind Power, amongst others to offer only the best equipment possible worldwide. Each system is uniquely designed with products fit for each client’s energy consumption needs and budgets, as well as Belize’s vast and changing climate.

Pro Solar Engineering Ltd.  remains dedicated to creating employment for Belizeans in the renewable energy sector, which includes but is not limited to electrification, and ICT administration & sales. The Company is also attentive in developing the skill sets in Belize by providing work internship opportunities, employment-training centers, and internships for electromechanical and electrical engineering areas. Though the firm is in its infancy, their engineers and technicians have years of experience in system installation and engineering design. They have a family-oriented culture and care about each other’s development and encourage staff to provide ideas to improve operations. The company is comprised of 17 employees with an outlook for expansion in the coming years with the launch of Pro Solar Engineering Ltd. Green Technological Building Project.

Future plans encompass developing and constructing the first technological green smart building to showcase renewable energy systems (Off-Grid and Grid-Tie) to the public, thereby increasing the understanding of the value in investing in clean energy systems. The aim is to service all customer segments (commercial, residential and rural) with reliable, economically competitive, and sustainable renewable energy systems in order to support the demands of our modernizing society. It is envisioned that the Green Technological Building Project will become an ecosystem for innovation and inspiration in developing clean energy solutions and the further development of the skillsets needed to drive this movement.