EXPORTBelize, a unit of  Beltraide, in collaboration with the Belize Bureau of Standards facilitated a session for the review of the Belize National Standards for the specification for Rum. Present, were representatives from the four major rum companies in Belize which included:

  • Travellers Liquors Ltd.,
  • Cuello’s Distillery Ltd.,
  • L&R Liquors, and
  • Noble Spirits.

The session started with a presentation about the Belize Bureau of Standards and the standards development process. A presentation about Regional Trade and Development was also made by a representative of the Directorate General for Foreign Trade, which covered recent developments in the regional rum industry. The session culminated with a section by section review the standard document with participants providing inputs for possible update of the standard.  

A representative of the Customs and Excise Department was also present to answer questions regarding  the Excise regulations and its reference to the standard and its application to the distillation process. This session was aimed  at facilitating a better understanding of the Standard in order for the companies to streamline their processes and implement plans in line with the Standard, which would improve competitiveness locally, regionally and internationally.

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