The Central American Integration System (SICA) held  an Achievement Expo  in El Salvador where they reported on the several successful projects made possible through funding from the Republic of China, Taiwan .  Among those achievements was the EMPRENDE Fund where  owners of small business in Central America were given seed capital to develop, improve or expand their business. Recipients of the seed capital  displayed their products to Tsai Ing-wen , president of Taiwan.Representing Belize was Rebecca Stirm, fashion designer and owner of Rebecca Stirm Clothing.

Rebecca was granted the opportunity to address the president on behalf of Belize and  to speak about her accomplishments through the programme.



With the support of this programme, in 2013, I was able to establish my business, build my dream and earn an income while doing what I love doing. It helped me acquire the necessary machinery, have a professional website and a recognized brand.Now my business brings in income for the families that work with me, artisans and local businessmen and businesswomen who are suppliers of my business. This change in my life is a dream come true for me and other families, thanks to: BELTRAIDE and Belize’s Government, the extraordinary entrepreneurial example of Taiwan, SICA, and CENPROMYPE. – Rebecca Stirm

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SICA and CENPROMYPE continues to foster the expansion  of small and medium enterprises throughout Central America.