The Belize Training and Employment Centre (BTEC), a unit of Beltraide is currently conducting two (2) important training sessions designed with the young and elderly persons in mind. 

The first training is entitled: Creating a Stronger Path to Workforce Readiness. It targets senior high schools students, especially at risk young people, as well as recent graduates and aims to provide them with introductory job preparedness training in order to build their capacity to help them to develop the self-awareness and interpersonal “soft skills” needed to be successful in the job market.  The training will last for three weeks and is being held in collaboration between RESTORE Belize and BTEC.

The second training, entitled Home Health Caregiver Training, is designed for care givers working for and on behalf of the elderly.  The objective of this training is to promote a safe environment that will enhance health and wellness for older persons, develop skills to care for older persons and to create a cadre of trained care-givers. Topics covered include Theory, First Aid and CPR and Internship. The training will last for five weeks and was organised in collaboration with the National  Council on Ageing and Sister Cecelia’s Home for the Elderly with funding from the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO).

BTEC aims to be Belize’s leading centre for industry specific workforce development by providing effective, demand driven, user-friendly and value based programs that will develop, deliver and sustain a quality workforce. Its mission is to develop a cadre of well-trained, marketable and self-sufficient individuals able to confidently compete in the marketplace.

Photos from Home Health Caregiver Training:


Photos from Creating a Stronger Path to Workforce Readiness: