In an address made to graduates of a training program sponsored by Young Americas Business Trust (YABT) in Collaboration with BELTRAIDE and other supporting partners, Mr. Starret Green, OAS representative in Belize highlighted the path to success.

If you have not done so as yet, please move with deliberate speed to confirm your career goals, and be serious about achieving it. Decide on where you wish to go when you exit these doors, and start your journey today.

Be careful to identify distractions and work diligently to avoid them. Distractions can seriously derail your pursuits and damage your chances for success.

If you have not done so as yet, start a conversation with family members, close friends and acquaintances, who are willing to support you in reaching your goals. Talk to them about what you wish to accomplish, and then lay out in detail the extent of the support you are going to need. It may take the form of transportation, money, material input, or it may require supporters to give you some of their leisure time.  It is essential that you have a diversified and reliable network of support, because going it alone could slow your progress considerably, or even end your pursuit. Always bear in mind that there are some things we cannot do alone.

Focus on finding a group of persons who will serve as your mentor, councilor or adviser. There are a number of such persons at your doorsteps. Their knowledge and experience will provide the guidance that is critical to helping you along the path you have chosen. Seek out persons who are not only qualified, but also persons who are genuinely interested in supporting you for the long haul – persons who are caring, committed to your success, and do not wish for anything in return for their advice or contribution. Good things happen when you surround yourself with those whom you can trust and can help you reach your goals.DSC_0779

I wish to respectfully suggest that you develop a habit of conducting research for information that is critical to achieving your goals. This is the information age, and whatever you need to know can be found on the internet or by asking the right person. It is not acceptable to say I do not know. Information is just a click away. 

Develop a realistic plan. And by realistic, I mean a plan that is achievable. It should be a detail description of the steps you are required to take and the various stages you will need to complete before arriving at your final destination, so to speak. The plan should clearly have built into it not only a high measure of flexibility, but also a set of alternatives and substitutes that would automatically kick in should things not work as originally intended. It is a given in life that things do not always work exactly as we expect them to. But I challenge you to be adaptable to changes, and never lose your focus.

In the march towards your goal, work to maintain a positive attitude regardless of the circumstances you face. There will be days, weeks and months when you will be tempted to give up and to try something different. Mr. and Mrs. Frustration will knock at your door seeking entry. Politely ask them to leave your premises.


Disappointments will be part of your journey. They may surface because of someone’s negative attitude or it may be a case where something you considered critical to helping you fulfill a particular objective fell through at the most critical moment. Remain positive nevertheless. Always look on the bright side of life. 

Let your actions be guided by fundamental values and principles of honesty, justice, fairness, equity, integrity and hard work.

See money only as a vehicle to take you where you need to be. It should not be seen as a panacea that can cure all the ills and conquer all the challenges that you will encounter. Remember that endurance always wins. Perseverance and persistence open the door to success. Courage gets you to the goal.

 Finally, always remember that there is a power greater than you, and you should look to this power to get you through the hard times or to provide the wisdom, guidance and understanding that you will need along the path you have chosen.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you faithfully follow these simple truths, you will be all you can be.

I wish you every success as you go forward.”