July 2015

Belize participates in EXPO Milano 2015.

Belize is participating in EXPO Milano 2015, under the theme of “Feeding the planet, Energy for life” as we can foresee Belize partnering with other stakeholders and becoming one of the leading “breadbaskets” in our region.

Bordered by Mexico in the North, Guatemala in the West, and the Caribbean Sea in the East, Belize is the only country in Central  America, with English as its official language, and whose British colonial history bridges its sister CARICOM countries to mainland Latin America. Belize has a hard-working, diverse, friendly, bi-lingual, and well-educated workforce that bolsters an economy, focused on growth. Being world renowned as a tourist destination, Belize brags for having the second largest barrier reef in the world and is reputable for its beautiful beaches and all year round tropical climate that has made us the country of choice amongst its growing number of returning tourist.

Belizes natural assets, progressive development policies, pro-business investment climate, and long-time democratic stability have created an ideal destination for investors seeking a sustainable harbor amidst the waves of global economic hardship. The Government of Belize is wholly committed to supporting the country’s niche-oriented development model, while preserving the country’s distinctiveness and fostering investor confidence. Likewise, the wide array of investment- related incentives has continued to firmly reinforce the country’s business-friendly reputation. Current priority sectors for investment in Belize include:

  • Tourism & Leisure
  • Agri-business
  • Offshore Outsourcing
  • Renewable Energy
  • Aquaculture


Given Belize’s long-standing tradition as an agricultural connoisseur, the opportunities for Agri-Business investments are immense! Our close proximity to North, Central and South America and the Caribbean, offers easy access to premium markets. In addition, the availability of highly productive land resources, which are perfectly suited for a wide range of agricultural activities, present robust opportunities for primary goods and value- added commodities.

Agri-Business serves as the foundation of the Belizean economy and continues to be the base force propelling the local productive sector onward.  To date, the once traditional agricultural productions(i.e. citrus, banana, sugarcane) have been undergoing gradual planned transformation- broadening its pillars to encompass sectors  such as Agro-Processing, Green Gold Crops(i.e. grains, cacao beans, cotton), Renewable Energy Crops(i.e. sorghum, sugarcane), and Organic Crops.

Belize has diversified into Aqua-Culture development as a number of species is being farmed. These include: Native stocks such as the River Lobster, Blue Eye Catfish, Common Snook, Mutton Snapper, Nassau Grouper, Blue Crab, as well as exotic species such as the Australian Freshwater Lobster, Channel Catfish, Flounder, American Oyster, Malaysian Prawn and Florida Pompano.  The main market destinations for Aqua-Culture commodities have been major cities in the United States. In addition, other emerging markets include Mexico and Guatemala, as well as the CARICOM states. The competitive advantages that Belize enjoys in the region are pristine and unpolluted seas, rivers and lakes, and the close proximity to major market destinations such as being two hours away from the continental United States.

Belize is currently working closely with the Global Harvest Initiative, to bridge the gap to fight hunger and become the leading country to address the challenges of finding sustainable ways to rapidly feed the increasing numbers of people across Latin America, the Caribbean and the world.  With a more productive and environmentally sustainable agriculture system, Belize holds great potential in contributing towards achieving food security as well as for the region’s development, for poverty alleviation and for social progress.

Our country representatives got a special visit from Hon. Erwin Contreras Minister of Trade, Investment,
Private Sector Development and Consumer Protection.

Belize – Winner in Caribbean Countries of the Future – fDi-Financial Times

  1. ECLAC One Page Summary Report 20150608 - ECLAC Supplementary Notes BelizeINVEST Infographic Final (5)


On the 7th July, 2015, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed between BELTRAIDE, on behalf of SBDCBelize, and Peacework. The objective of the MOU is to support the “Belize High School Innovation Challenge 2015”. The assignment includes: capacity building and technical assistance to the selected high school teams (Belize Rural High School, Ladyville Technical High School, and Ocean Academy) in the development of business model and follow up support on implementing the small grants awarded.

DSC_5531 DSC_5532Press_Release_-_MOU_BELTRAIDE_Peacework_July_2015

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