Initiative Faces Logistical Challenges

According to Ocampo, there are several logistical challenges that the initiative is faced with, including the harmonization of participating countries.
Fernando Ocampo, Consultant, CENPROMYPE

“The huge challenge here is coordination, I mean trying to put together so many countries, to try to implement specific measures in many, many areas.  It involves customs authorities, immigration authorities, sanitary authorities, not just in one country but also in different countries trying to put all the ideas together and validate it with different actors implementing these types of measures.  Of course it’s a big challenge, I mean if you think that at a border if you try to implement for example a single window to try to help the small companies to cross the border, you need to put together customs, immigration, sanitary measures, your police department, et cetera, not just in one country.  Again, it’s in all countries.”