Caribbean Export supports Haiti and the Dominican Republic at the 18th International Hotel Investment Forum 2015

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For three days over 2,000 delegates from 70 countries gathered in Berlin at the IHIF 2015 for a truely global gathering and consistently brings together a diverse range of stakeholders from across the hospitality, property and investment communities. Attendees received the benefits of high visibility in an expressive setting, numerous skill-based workshops, and unique networking opportunities. In this framework, the CFI and the CEI-RD were able to engage in over one hundred (100) Business to Business (B2B) meetings with the most important hotel chains representatives from Europe.

In addition to the numerous networking sessions organized by the IHIF, the CFI and CEI-RD formed a Binational booth at the Expo Hall, further increasing the two countries overall visibility at the event.

The CEI-RD’s Executive Director, Jean Alain Rodriguez stated “that this event is a good scenario to highlight that the DR has become a regional hub for Foreign Direct Investment”.

The CFI representatives had the opportunity to meet with potential investors in several key areas of the hotel industry, and discuss the business opportunities offered by Haiti.

Through this intervention, the Agency seeks to promote Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) opportunities for Haiti and the Dominican Republic via a greater interaction with extra-regional investors, within the framework of the Joint Investment Promotion Strategy (JIPS), recently developed by both countries with the support of Caribbean Export and the European Union. Ultimately, the goal is to capitalize on common strengths while highlighting each country´s unique investment opportunities.