Young innovators challenge

Two-week summer program for rising high school seniors in the DC metro area to learn how to turn a promising idea into a successful business

Based on the experiential innovation curriculum developed at the University of Maryland, the BACCA methodology for entrepreneurship taught at Bullis School and Jonathan Perrelli’s Startupland curriculum July 13 – July 24, 2015 Bullis School, Potomac, MD — FREE —

Join us for a highly immerse, experiential program matching budding entrepreneurs with professional mentors, experts and professors to learn how to create and develop ideas just like the best entrepreneurs. Students will learn to: ¾ Identify a problem or need in the market ¾ Brainstorm ideas and solutions ¾ Build and test prototypes in Bullis’ Maker Space ¾ Develop critical interview and listening skills to explore their idea’s viability ¾ Present concepts to potential customers, partners and investors Other activities may include visits to entrepreneurship incubators to observe real startups. Students must be willing to work hard and take their projects seriously. You will be pushed and expectations will be high.

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Young Innovators flyer 2015 – FINAL