Belize and Jamaica this week started a series of workplace public education series on the CARICOM Single Market targeting employees on the frontline of CSME action and response, and select private sector groups.  Dubbed AccessCSME – The Workplace Edition, the series is led by the CSME focal point in each country.

Today, December 1, the first of several Grenada ‘AccessCSME’ Workpace sessions was hosted by the Grenada Industrial Development Corporation (GIDC), Grenada’s Investment Promotion and Business Development Agency. Some 15 officers of GIDC participated. The Resource panel comprised:Inspector Leroy Joseph – Immigration expert; Mr. Che Phillip – Senior Foreign Service Officer/ Head of the CARICOM Desk,Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Mrs. Dunnaliz Commodore – Foreign Service Officer, responsible for CSME

In light of GIDC’s mandate, the worksite meeting treated predominantly with the Right Of Establishment and Free Movement of Skills Regimes, as well as major decisions and rulings with respect to the issue of the treatment of CARICOM Nationals.

Grenada’s schedule of worksite meetings run from December 1 to 5.

Photos from Grenada Worksite

The first of the workplace series also took place at the CSME focal point Ministry in Belize, the Ministry of Trade, Investment, Promotion, Private Sector Development and Consumer Protection, led by Senior Trade Economist Mr Richard Reid. Other presenters were Trade Economists Ms.Denise Swan and Ms. Adrianie Mendez. Belize’s schedule of Worksite meetings also runs from December 1 to 5.

Photos from Belize Worksite

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