Image“Good service & quality up to the last sew,’’ as the value proposition suggests, Y.D.R. Sewing Shop offers a variety of customized sewn items for both adults and children at affordable prices and at a timely delivery.

Starting a business was something Ms. Rossana Velasquez only dreamed of; but when her tailoring business idea took off, this Guinea Grass resident became a budding entrepreneur and found herself running a very lucrative business, where she sews everything from school uniforms and casual wear to home utensils such as washing machines cover, blender covers and toaster covers.

Ms. Velasquez’s inspiration for starting the business was also part of the reason for success: She found a need, and then found a way to fill it.

“It was one of those things that just happen when you’re not expecting it,” she explains.

Ms. Velasquez’s couldn’t find anywhere in her community and surrounding villages that could sew quality and professional items for both dress and household needs, so she “played around with some ideas” and came up with a design and a business idea she thought would work. There was one little hitch, though. After acquiring her certificate in professional sewing in 2005, her idea was on paper. She didn’t know how to take her idea and transform it into an actual business.

Not letting such a challenge deter her, Ms. Velasquez contacted SBDCBelize in March of 2014 and since then has managed to successfully achieve milestones such as formalize her business, develop a Business Plan, develop financial projections, and acquire funding through the Development Finance Cooperation for the purpose of development and expansion. This initiative did not only allow the business to increase its market share but also tap into the neighbouring markets, which will increase sales, and sustainability. Now, she has commanded approximately 45% of the market share in Guinea Grass and has hopes to grow the business in the future, selling not only in Guinea Grass Village, but also in the Orange Walk District as well as the surrounding villages such as Shipyard, August Pine Ridge, San Lazaro, Trinidad, San Felipe and Tower Hill.


Y.D.R. Sewing Shop opening hours are from

  • Monday to Friday 7am to 5pm
  • Sundays from 9 am to 2pm

Contact Information: 607-1312

Y. D. R Sewing Items include:

  • Children dress
  • Ladies dress
  • Girls blouse
  • Ladies blouse
  • Girls skirt
  • Ladies skirt
  • Children Pants
  • Adult Long Pants
  • Bed Sheets
  • Pillow Case (per pair)
  • Place Mats (per pair)
  • Handkerchiefs