June 30, 2014

Guinea Grass, Orange Walk District, “Growing with Business”- Y.D.R. Sewing Shop










Image“Good service & quality up to the last sew,’’ as the value proposition suggests, Y.D.R. Sewing Shop offers a variety of customized sewn items for both adults and children at affordable prices and at a timely delivery.

Starting a business was something Ms. Rossana Velasquez only dreamed of; but when her tailoring business idea took off, this Guinea Grass resident became a budding entrepreneur and found herself running a very lucrative business, where she sews everything from school uniforms and casual wear to home utensils such as washing machines cover, blender covers and toaster covers.

Ms. Velasquez’s inspiration for starting the business was also part of the reason for success: She found a need, and then found a way to fill it.

“It was one of those things that just happen when you’re not expecting it,” she explains. Continue reading “Guinea Grass, Orange Walk District, “Growing with Business”- Y.D.R. Sewing Shop”

Guinea Grass, Orange Walk District, “Growing with Business”- La Fortaleza Tortilleria y Panadería

Tortilleria y Panadería


There’s a moment of realization that comes over every small business owner when the thought of turning a hobby into a profession seems less like a crazy notion and more like a tangible idea.

For Ms. Floridalma Velasquez, that moment arrived when she realized that she could no longer depend on her job working for others to provide for her family.

So after years of crafting her skills, which eventually led her to become certified in cake decorating and desserts in 2009, it occurred to Ms. Velasquez that perhaps her longtime love of baking could be more than a personal hobby. And, after deciding to take a chance, she opened La Fortaleza Tortilleria y Panadería, which has slowly morphed from an idea into a renown Bakery and Tortilla producing business that has been providing a variety of home-made traditional breads, hand-made corn tortillas, flour tortillas, variety of pizzas, and has also been catering for special events (Sweet Sixteen Parties, Weddings, Birthdays), offering cakes and desserts, to the locals of Guinea Grass village, Orange Walk District.

Being the first of its kind to offer such products in the small village of about 5,000, it became evident that opening a bakery brought its own set of unique challenges, stresses, and rewards to the first-time entrepreneur; all of which Ms. Velasquez welcomed in strides. Notwithstanding, the company thrived and Ms. Velasquez made a commitment early on to add value to its business through its delivery services, utilizing the business’s close proximity to its customer by making it convenient for customers to have their products at their doorstep, while engaging her customers and encouraging new visitors to her store Continue reading “Guinea Grass, Orange Walk District, “Growing with Business”- La Fortaleza Tortilleria y Panadería”

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