June 10, 2014

Want to know more about Belize?

It’s no secret that Belize is widely regarded as a haven for both tourists and foreign investors alike, although for seemingly contrasting reasons. As a country with so much to offer, it is our responsibility to aggressively market ourselves in such a way that we attract those who are willing and able to explore the many facets of Belize. It is through promotional tools, such as magazines, international trade shows, and an online presence, that we project ourselves to garner attention. This attention, whether it’s for our barrier reef system or for our o shore banks, is what turns into foreign investment and revenue, which in turn significantly boosts our economy.
McNab Publishing has an extensive track record for producing effective publications catering to an audience interested in Belize. Now, as we team up with BELTRAIDE for the third volume of the Invest Belize magazine, we are excited to produce a publication catering to those interested in Belize as a business and investment destination. We invite you to come on board and showcase your business on an international platform.

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