Tips on Developing a Business Vision

By: Eyes Wide Open

Concentrated focus is needed to achieve excellent  results. In business, having focus means establishing clear goals or visions for the business and then introducing a basic, clear strategy for achieving that goal. It’s a simple principle yet not always easy to achieve.

As business owners we have some natural tendencies that conspire to ensure focus is elusive. Business owners have creative minds. Necessity is the mother of all invention and as business owners we are aware that ingenuity is critical to success. The challenge arises when our creativity starts to distract us from our long-term path to success. What seems a good idea at the outset can take us on a journey that results in a lot of effort being expended for little gain.

Our comfort zones further compound the problem. This means we tend to work on those ideas that feel the most comfortable. Even if, deep down, we know they are not the most effective way to achieve business success. So how can you tell the high impact ideas from the distractions? Continue reading “Tips on Developing a Business Vision”