Business Friendly Tax Regime

Business Friendly Tax Regime

Income Tax

  • Payable at a rate of 25% on taxable income for all employed residents in Belize earning over BZ $26,000 (US$13,000) per annum.

Business Tax

  • Businesses, companies and self-employed persons earning in excess of BZ $54,000 per annum must pay business tax.
  • Rate varies according to business classification.
  • Paid monthly to the Income Tax Department.
Business Classification Rate of Business Tax
Trade or Business 1.75%
Professional Services 6.0%
Commissions and Royalties 5.0% & 15.0%
Rental Income 3.0%
Radio, On-air TV, and Newspaper Revenue 0.75%
Domestic Airline Revenue 1.75%
Insurance Institutions General Revenue 1.75%
Telecommunications Revenue 19.0%
Fuel/Lubricant Revenue 0.75%
Casino and Gaming Revenue 4.0%
Real Estate Business 15.0%
Tour Operators & Travel Agents 6.0%


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