December 2013

Tips on Developing a Business Vision

Tips on Developing a Business Vision

By: Eyes Wide Open

Concentrated focus is needed to achieve excellent  results. In business, having focus means establishing clear goals or visions for the business and then introducing a basic, clear strategy for achieving that goal. It’s a simple principle yet not always easy to achieve.

As business owners we have some natural tendencies that conspire to ensure focus is elusive. Business owners have creative minds. Necessity is the mother of all invention and as business owners we are aware that ingenuity is critical to success. The challenge arises when our creativity starts to distract us from our long-term path to success. What seems a good idea at the outset can take us on a journey that results in a lot of effort being expended for little gain.

Our comfort zones further compound the problem. This means we tend to work on those ideas that feel the most comfortable. Even if, deep down, we know they are not the most effective way to achieve business success. So how can you tell the high impact ideas from the distractions? Continue reading “Tips on Developing a Business Vision”

Belize Inaugurates $3Mil Joint Operations Center with U.S. and Canada

Belize Inaugurates $3Mil Joint Operations Center with U.S. and Canada

On Monday, December 9, the Ministry of National Security inaugurated its first Joint Operations Center (JOC) at Price Barracks.  The opening of the JOC represents over two years of teamwork and collaboration between the Belize Defence Force, U.S. Southern Command, and the Governments of the U.S., Belize, and Canada.   
The JOC’s inauguration is an important step in U.S. and Belize commitment to realizing a safe and secure Belize.  The U.S. Southern Command Counter-Drug Program donated the building, valued at three million Belize dollars, in support of a regional security network of land and maritime forces with improved facilities, training and equipment.  The Government of Canada provided the internal furnishings and computer equipment.
The primary purpose of the JOC is the exercise of operational command and control.  It enables law enforcement to plan and execute maritime interception, provide operational intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, determine and prioritize operational priority intelligence requirements, collect and share operational information, process and exploit collected operational information and analyze, interpret, and integrate operational information and all other tasks into one cohesive plan.

Belize Inaugurates $3Mil Joint Operations Center with U.S. and Canada
The building is designed and equipped for 24-hours continuous operation and will have at least one liaison officer assigned from each of the represented agencies including the Belize Defence Force, Belize Police Department, Coast Guard, Customs and Excise Department, and the Immigration and Nationality Services Department. Continue reading “Belize Inaugurates $3Mil Joint Operations Center with U.S. and Canada”

Launch of First Ever Maya Cookbook in Belize

Launch of First Ever Maya Cookbook

“Nothing is better than a home-cooked meal that is wonderfully flavored with native plants, and served with love.” – Aurora Garcia Saqui

Producciones de la Hamaca is proud to announce the publication of U Janal Aj Maya: Traditional Maya Cuisine by Aurora Garcia Saqui with Amy Lichty of Maya Centre. “Learn how to prepare traditional Maya food from garden to table with recipes that have been passed down through the generations.”

Aurora Garcia Saqui is a Yucatec Maya, one of the famous Garcia sisters of San Antonio, Cayo, who married Ernesto Saqui of Maya Centre, a Mopan Maya. Reflecting these two language traditions, both Yucatec and Mopan names are given for each recipe. She and Ernesto have welcomed guests at their Nu’uk Che’il Cottages in Maya Center since 2000 and served them all traditional Maya food. “They always ask how I can cook such delicious food and I answer, ‘Because I cook with love.’”

Nicely illustrated with photographs at every stage, the book begins in the garden where many of the ingredients are grown. Instructions for preparing ingredients such as annatto and a description of the Mayan kitchen are included. From Sah’ (Atole) to Tz’yan Arroz (Rice Lab), 46 recipes of beverages, breakfast, soups, sauces, seasonings, side dishes, main dishes and desserts will delight any cook. The book sells for BZ$30.

Launch of First Ever Maya Cookbook in Belize

Continue reading “Launch of First Ever Maya Cookbook in Belize”

Caribbean Export Hosts the Meeting of Ministers Responsible for Financial Services


Bridgetown, Barbados, December 10, 2013. The Caribbean Export Development Agency (Caribbean Export) in collaboration with The Government of Barbados convened a meeting on the Financial Services sector in CARIFORUM at the Radisson Hotel, Barbados on December 9, 2013.


The meeting of Ministers with responsibility for financial services and key industry professionals was assembled to develop the strategic direction relating to the continued development of the industry, to develop recommendations relating to the governance structure of the regional initiative, and to determine the strategic engagement of the Overseas Countries and Territories in the overall process.

  Continue reading “Caribbean Export Hosts the Meeting of Ministers Responsible for Financial Services”

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