Do you offer consultation services? Are you in a skilled profession? Most importantly, are you seeking for new clients? One thing is true: consistently attracting new clients is the most challenging part of running your business. It is time for you to join BELTRAIDE’s consultants Directory.BELTRAIDE has been working with several local and international projects and at times, they are a need for local consultants. Therefore, we invite you to join our consultant database to have more quickly and recent access to the opportunities. You do not only get access to project but can also get contacted by current and prospective investors.

Join BELTRAIDE’s Consultant Directory. It is quick, easy and free of cost! You just need to email us your full contact information, with list of services you provide and your experience.

The path of networking it is ongoing with BELTRAIDE’s Consultant Directory. For more information or to join the database, kindly contact the Project Unit at or bz or you can also reach us at 822-3737 or 822-0175.