The Centre for the promotion of Micro and small enterprises in Central America and Dominican Republic  (CENPROMYPE),  initiated  the project  called  Inclusive  Value  Chains,  meaning; “Actions that promote the  productive and facilitate the participation of companies from  the  base  of  the  productive  structure   and  promote  decent  jobs,  gender  equity  and environmental sustainability” in collaboration with Belize Trade  and Investment Development Service (BELTRAIDE) and the Ministry of Economic Development in Guatemala (MINEO).  The project ideally will contribute to reduction of poverty through the consolidation and strengthening of productive value chains that promote tourism and local development with the addition of micro and small enterprises that contribute to sustainable development in cross-border territories.

As a main outcome technical assistance and consulting service is being provided to four women groups for the design and development of new products. In August a design workshop was held with each of the group which allowed the artisans to strengthen their capacities for the development of new products. The workshop covered experimentation with colors, shape, and texture, also the importance of quality of production.

With the concepts learned the groups worked on scenarios of their potential customers request and brain-stormed products they can offer. They also received a dynamic and practical process to develop new products. Each group worked in the design of a new collection with the guidance of their consultant. The purpose is to expand their current craft production, in agreement to the trends and demands of the domestic and international market without losing their culture identity. The groups are currently working on their prototype which in the next month they will have a commercialized new product line.


Also as continuity to this component fifteen women and youth from four different groups are taking a one month basic sewing course at Center of Employment (CET) in San Ignacio. The course will cover hand and machine embroidery, cutting, measuring basic sewing techniques and some hand and craft. The purpose is to help them strengthen and learn new techniques that they can implement in their products.

For more information you can contact us at or 822-3737. You can visit our Facebook account for more pictures on the groups.

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