October 15, 2013

Consumer Watch Newsletter – Volume 5 Issue 2

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Dear Readers,

The Bureau presents the Volume 5 Issue 2 of its Consumer Watch Newsletter for 2013.

Please feel free to download, read and circulate with your colleagues, friends and family.

To download, kindly click on the link. Volume 5 Issue 2

Thank you!

International Standards Ensuring Positive Change

World Standards Day
October 14 2013
Theme: “International Standards Ensure Positive Change”

The Belize Bureau of Standards is proud to join with the rest of the international community in observing World Standards Day 2013 an annual event which is October 14. This year it is being celebrated under the theme “International Standards Ensure Positive Change” and like many themes of the past it pays tribute to the efforts of the thousands of experts worldwide that voluntarily collaborate to develop standards that facilitate trade, spread knowledge, disseminate technological advances and develop innovations. In this issue the Bureau extends its gratitude to those professional who are now integrally involved in standards development at the national level. Our article “Working for a Positive Change”, exposes the work of these professionals who are now working towards the development of standards in the various key sectors of the Belizean Economy.

The aim of World Standards Day is to raise awareness of the importance of global standardization to the world economy in facilitating trade and to promote its role in helping to meet the needs of business, industry, government, and consumers worldwide. Standards are a fundamental part of economic activity which is becoming imminent for conducting business domestic or international. The establishment of the World Trade Organization has highlighted the importance of international standards within global trade and we must adapt to these established realities.

Standards ensure desirable characteristics of products and services such as quality, environmental friendliness, safety, reliability, efficiency and interchangeability, at an economical cost. They make the development, manufacturing and supply of products and services more efficient, safer and acceptable quality. They facilitate trade and provide governments with a technical base for health, safety and environmental legislation. Continue reading “International Standards Ensuring Positive Change”

Belizean Women Product Development


The Centre for the promotion of Micro and small enterprises in Central America and Dominican Republic  (CENPROMYPE),  initiated  the project  called  Inclusive  Value  Chains,  meaning; “Actions that promote the  productive and facilitate the participation of companies from  the  base  of  the  productive  structure   and  promote  decent  jobs,  gender  equity  and environmental sustainability” in collaboration with Belize Trade  and Investment Development Service (BELTRAIDE) and the Ministry of Economic Development in Guatemala (MINEO).  The project ideally will contribute to reduction of poverty through the consolidation and strengthening of productive value chains that promote tourism and local development with the addition of micro and small enterprises that contribute to sustainable Continue reading “Belizean Women Product Development”




Bridgetown, Barbados, October 14, 2013. The Caribbean Export Development Agency (Caribbean Export) is pleased to announce that following the recent call for designers, seven designers have been selected to be supported to attend Dominicana Moda (DM2013) in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, on October 21-26, 2013.


The seven fashion design firms are; ILashan Apparel & Handmade Jewelry from The Bahamas; the Andrew Harris Collection of Barbados; Odanis Valdez Polonia from the Dominican Republic; MARSAE of Guyana; Mag Art from Haiti; Patwa Apparel Ltd from Jamaica and MEILING Inc. from Trinidad and Tobago.


The selection panel included the Artistic Director of Salon de la Fama SRL; Mr. Socrates Mckinney, the Deputy Director of Escuela Chavon (affiliated with Parsons School of Design),   Mr. Adolfo Lucero and Mrs. Ileana Tejada from Caribbean Export.  The team reviewed 27 applications from across the region and scored them based on criteria such as completeness of application, availability of collections that will be showcased, experience and potentiality to export their talent in an international level.


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