October 2013

Invest Belize DVD


The Belize Trade and Investment Development Service (BELTRAIDE) unveiled its Invest Belize Video on the 28th of October, 2013 at the ITVET building, upper flat conference room. In collaboration with Compete Caribbean, the mandate has been to ensure that the rich offerings of Belize are showcased in a manner that truly promotes and further develops the Belizean economy; whilst attracting competent investors. Belize is no longer Mother Nature’s Best Kept Secret, as efforts made have paved the way forward to ensure that the Natural Niche Belize effortlessly is highlighted as BELTRAIDE remains the pioneer in this venture.


Sectors that have seen steady upswing include medical tourism, agri-business and energy. In addition, the service sector in Belize has seen impressive and measurable growth rate of 80%, particularly in the BPO sector. These sectors provide gainful employment for countless Belizeans across the length and breathe of this nation. Apart from the presentation of the Invest Belize Video, CEO Mr. Michael Singh will be keynote speaker addressing the way forward in terms of outlining the objectives and significance of the video.

To see the video, please visit our YouTube page by clicking the link below:


24th Annual Museum Association Of the Caribbean General Meeting

24th Annual Museum Association Of the Caribbean General Meeting

The Museum Association of the Caribbean (MAC) is holding its twenty-fourth annual general meeting under the theme “Pooling our Resources: Collaborations, Connections and Partnerships.” The goal is to develop concrete ideas and policies on how the association can address the challenges of museums in the region. The meeting is expected to convince the Ministry of Education throughout the Caribbean to put museology as a core subject in schools. And on this occasion, a new president of the MAC will be chosen. News Five spoke with the outgoing President Cyril Saltibus as well as Director of the Museum of Belize, Sherilyn Jones on the four-day conference.


Sherilyn Jones, Director, Museum of Belize & Houses of Culture

“The Museum of Belize is located here by the Central Bank Compound. The establishment of the houses of cultures is like an extension, an arm, of the museum because everything is so Belize City centric. We felt that we needed presence in the different municipalities in the districts and hence the houses of culture. They do community Continue reading “24th Annual Museum Association Of the Caribbean General Meeting”

It’s Time to Join BELTRAIDE Consultancy Directory!

Do you offer consultation services? Are you in a skilled profession? Most importantly, are you seeking for new clients? One thing is true: consistently attracting new clients is the most challenging part of running your business. It is time for you to join BELTRAIDE’s consultants Directory. Continue reading “It’s Time to Join BELTRAIDE Consultancy Directory!”

2014 Flavors of Belize Magazine

Request for Proposals – Publisher: CAribbean Export Outlook



The Caribbean Export Development Agency (Caribbean Export) is developing the inaugural publication of the Caribbean Export Outlook. This publication will focus on providing valuable information to readers on the status of trade and exports in the CARIFORUM member states. Readers will be able to subscribe to the publication on an annual basis and it will include content that speaks to the state of affairs of trade and exports in the region, projected sectors and markets for the region to capitalize on, cross cutting issues affecting exporters and investment opportunities in the region. In addition, the experiences of exporting firms and relevant regional and international contacts for firms will also be included.  A full outline of the main areas of the publication is available in Appendix 1.

In order to produce this publication, Caribbean Export is looking to work with an experienced publishing firm that will provide the following services, as outlined in the terms of reference:

•     Develop the design and layout
•     Sell and manage advertising
•     Manage the print production
•     Manage the distribution
•     Develop an electronic version of the publication

General Criteria

All publishers must:

  • Be nationals of the African, Caribbean and Pacific group of states or of the European Union
  • Have practical experience of at least ten (10) years in producing corporate publications including magazines
  • Have previously prepared digital publications
  • Have demonstrated experience in selling advertising
  • Have a proven track record in producing similar publications is required

Required Documentation

  1. At least two (2) examples of published magazines including electronic or online versions
  2. A sample cover and page layout for the Caribbean Export Outlook
  3. Proposal including information related to but not limited to Company Profile, Methodology, Key Experts, Timetable of Activities Continue reading “Request for Proposals – Publisher: CAribbean Export Outlook”

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