August 1, 2013


No matter how rich a country is, how small or big it is, no nation is self-sufficient. It will never be totally independent from the rest and have everything it needs. Every country, no matter how powerful it is, needs raw materials from other countries to produce products that it needs or that is needed by other countries. In short, every country is involved in import export transactions.


Whether you are getting ready to export or expanding export sales, BELTRAIDE provides a range of resources for our exporters of goods and service.  This includes providing information on national policies and strategies, export best practices and providing references to tools and agencies that contribute to export development.


Opening a Small Business

Why Opening a Small Business Might be a Great Idea For You

Opening a small business can give you a more flexible lifestyle, especially if you are starting a home business. Millions of people have already found the greater freedom you are looking for. You can find it too!

Nearly half of the world’s richest people are entrepreneurs, making opening a small business the number one way to get rich, and sometimes very rich.

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