Deputy Ministers to promote MSMEs in the region SICA CDMYPE visit in El Salvador
July 22, 2013 – CENPROMYPE
Area: Economic

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San Salvador, July 24, 2013

As part of the El Salvador intraregional cooperation with other member countries of SICA region, the Deputy Ministers and Deputy Ministers to promote MSMEs that make up the Board of CENPROMYPE, visited on 19 July, the CDMYPE of Dr. José Matías Delgado University, with the aim to know the functioning of the Centre and the services offered.
Mrs. Roxana Abrego, CONAMYPE Executive Director, accompanied the Deputy Ministers and Deputy Minister of Central America and Dominican Republic, who reaffirmed his commitment and willingness to continue to support the transfer and adoption process model SBDC / CDMYPE SICA countries.

Mrs. Sandra Barraza, Director of Social and Special Projects at the Universidad Dr. José Matías Delgado received CENPROMYPE Directing Council and outlined the benefits and advantages of the alliance of academia and the public sector for the development of MSMEs .

The Board of CENPROMYPE toured the Center and had the opportunity to see the facilities where they provide advisory services to businesses and entrepreneurs in areas such as management, production, marketing, finance, use and development of ICT, process designs production, trade, designing advertising strategies. Also provided training for the development of business plans, effective sales techniques, customer service, among others.

The visit was attended by Mr. Nicholas Ruiz, Director of BELTRAIDE Belize, Mrs. Roxana Abrego, CONAMYPE Executive Director of El Salvador, Mr. Luis Alvarez, Deputy Minister of Economy, Industry and Trade of Costa Rica, Mr. Carlos Gunther Lainez Deputy Minister of MSMEs in Honduras, Mr. Ignacio Mendez, Deputy Minister of Development of MSMEs of Dominican Republic, Mrs. Marie Antoinette Machado, Deputy Minister and Mr. Yader Baldizon, both the Ministry of Economics, Community, Cooperative and Associative Nicaragua; Mr. Sergio Aviles, CABEI, Mrs. Karina Manon, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Dominican Republic.