CENPROMYPE dialogue promotes reflection on the institutional strengthening and competitiveness of MSMEs in the region SICA
July 19, 2013 – CENPROMYPE
Area: Economic


On July 18, CENPROMYPE conducted the regional workshop “Exploring and Strengthening Competitiveness of MSMEs in the region SICA” with the aim of developing a dialogue about the prospects of MSMEs as an engine of economic development social and Central America and Dominican Republic. Also posed reflection on the lessons learned from the first eleven years CENPROMYPE management and its role in promoting the competitiveness of MSMEs in the region, with a long term vision to provide input for the definition of your Plan 2014-2018 Strategic.

Mr. Hugo Martinez, Secretary General of SICA said the workshop is a significant effort from the system to define the path that should be followed for the strengthening of micro and small enterprises and public bodies for the promotion, which will lead to the new Strategic Plan CENPROMYPE.

Meanwhile, Nicholas Ruiz, President of CENPROMYPE, shared that in eleven years of existence, the institution has sought to generate processes that guide its institutional work in the promotion of MSMEs. He highlighted some of the achievements of CENPROMYPE is that despite being a young institution has won SICA technical maturity in their role as a facilitator of actions to the benefit of MSMEs.

CENPROMYPE has defined and implemented a new model of intervention by the authorities responsible for the issue MSMEs in countries of the region, with the aim of strengthening national actors, increase the range of interventions impacting the territories from the regional frameworks and developing tools to harmonize relations between instances.

Another important achievement is that the issue has positioned MSME Agenda of the Heads of State and Government of the countries of SICA, through which consolidated the Regional Agenda MSMEs and start its execution. Also, the Presidents have prioritized the development, promotion and consolidation of a model of care for MSMEs, based on public-private-academia, and the promotion of entrepreneurship in the region.

The event was attended by experts and experts committed to the MSME sector at the regional level, who talked and shared their vision on the direction of the institution. The event was chaired by Mr. Hugo Martinez, Secretary General of SICA, and Mr. Nicholas Ruiz, President of CENPROMYPE and Mrs. Roxana Abrego, Executive Director CONAMYPE.