Belize Individual Country Promotion – 2013 Taipei International Food Show

Date: 6/26-6/29


Project Content:

l  For Belize’s participation in the 2013 Taipei International Food Show, the Embassy of Belize in the R.O.C (Taiwan) utilized the individual country budget and imported new samples of Belizean products to be exhibit and marketed at the regional Central American Pavilion. The highlighted items for 2013 were: hot sauces, liquors, and coffee.

l  CATO organized one product presentation at the Central American Pavilion for the Belizean hot sauce, Marie Sharp’s. CATO invited its Taiwanese importer, ABCO Co., Ltd., to introduce the hot sauce series, enhanced by preparing the traditional Belizean cuisines seasoned by the said products. Sample tasting of the hot sauces (for the two major brands from Belize, Marie Sharp’s & Hot Mama’s) was also provided at the Center Stage of the Central American Pavilion.

l  CATO also arranged sample tasting for the Belizean liquors (rum). Rum is the byproduct of the prominent sugar industry in Belize. Belizean rum is unique in its flavors. As instructed by the Embassy of Belize, CATO mixed the Belizean rum with fresh juices, and the sample drinks were provided at the Center Stage of the Central American Pavilion to collect the feedbacks from the Taiwanese visitors for further market survey and study.

Project Results:

l  For the four-day exhibition, CATO collected 15 trade inquiries about the Belizean products.

l  Result for Belizean hot sauce: under years of continuous efforts, the Belizean hot sauce, Marie Sharp’s, has eventually received its first order from the Taiwanese buyer for one container. CATO has co-organized with the Taiwanese importer to launch the tasting activities to expand the local sales channels for the said products.

l  Result for other potential Belizean products: Belizean shrimp was another item with considerable amount of inquiries. As at this point, Taiwan and Belize has not yet signed the FTA, and therefore, the Belizean suppliers of shrimps is postponing its marketing to the Taiwanese buyers due to the additional tariff cost. CATO would pay attention to the progress of this business opportunity to continue the promotion for the Belizean shrimps.


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