The  Belize Trade  and  Investment Development Service (BELTRAIDE) in collaboration with Caribbean Export, participated in an interactive Brand Development and Packaging Workshop/Webinar on July 17th and 18th, 2013.

During this   event,   participants of Agro-processing and Light manufacturing sectors were invited with the main purpose of establishing, developing, and strengthening their company’s understanding of Branding.


This workshop/webinar will cover a broad range of topics including but not limited to:

•             The Ins and Outs of Branding and Packaging and Definition of Packaging Terms.

•             How to brand your business and package your product to Sell

•             Identifying an appropriate Packaging Supplier for your needs:

o             Strength, Safety, Hygiene, Storage, Transportation (Shipping/Handling), End

Use, Protection, Preservation, Environmental Impact

•             Premium Packaging at an affordable price

•             Avoiding Branding and Packaging Disasters

•             Strategies for launching a new product

•             International Packaging Standards and Regulations: With emphasis on the European


•             Understanding the consumer

o             What are consumers looking for in brands and in their product packaging?

o             What will make a consumer choose your product?

o             How can I differentiate my product from other similar products

o             Retail Trends

•             Dissemination of the following:

o             Packaging Information Websites and/or publications

o             Directory of Qualified Packaging suppliers in the Caribbean, North America,

Europe, and China.

The expected results of the workshop are as follows:

•             Participants will learn to effectively brand and package their products to sell.

•             Participants will be aware of the Packaging Standards required for the European market.

•             Participants will be provided with recommendations for the improvement of their current packaging.

•             Participants will learn winning strategies for launching a new product.

•             Participants will be able to better understand what consumers look for in brands and in their product packaging.

•             Participants will be provided with a directory of reliable Packaging Suppliers.

•             Participants   will   be   provided   with   various   reputable   sources   of   packaging information.

•             Branding and Packaging Manual will be created, which will include packaging and labeling standards for Europe by country