Under our Inclusive Linkage in Central America and Dominican Republic Project, a joint agenda for Tourism Development at the Border zone Belize-Guatemala was recently formulated after intense consultations with public and private stakeholders from Belize and Guatemala.   The purpose of the joint agenda is to promote the tourism development in the border zone which includes San Antonio, San Ignacio/Santa Elena, San Jose Succotz, Benque Viejo, Melchor de Mencos and Flores Peten through capacity building and the establishment of strategic alliances among stakeholders to generate sustainable development at the border zone.The Inclusive Linkage Project main objective is to incorporate the Micro and Small Sized Enterprises (MSEs) in the border zone Belize- Guatemala through the consolidation and strengthening of production linkage and promote food security and local development. The project is being implemented by Center for Promotion of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in Central America and Dominican Republic (CENPROMYPE), BELTRAIDE and Ministry of Economic Development in Guatemala.

The joint agenda are structured in five components:

  1. Organizational strengthening by joint work.
  2. Tourism Value Chain development at the destination.
  3. Capacity building for competitiveness and development.
  4. Joint marketing
  5. Influence decision-makers to generate key conditions to establish an enabling environment for tourism development

As a result, a bi-national tourism committee was formed in the border zone Belize-Guatemala with representatives from the public and private stakeholders to implement the joint agenda and to generate a space of dialogue, communication and trust among tourism stakeholders to support this project. A familiarization trip will be organize and its aim are for tour operators and hoteliers of the border zones to become familiar with the current conditions of the touristic offer of the region as an objective of a joint marketing.

For more information on this project, kindly contact BELTRAIDE at 822-3737 or beltraide@belizeinvest.org.bz.