Source: Channel 5 News

PM dons a hard hat for meeting in United Kingdom

Incidentally, the Prime Minister of Belize Dean Barrow is also in the United Kingdom. Earlier today, PM Barrow today met with the Chairman of the City of London Policy and Resources Committee, Mark Boleat, ahead of the Guildhall lunch where the PM was honored by addressing an audience of international financiers and businessmen. The Prime Minister, wearing his hardhat, was also hosted by the Directors and Senior Management of Tate and Lyle, who gave him a presentation on the future of the global sugar industry before being escorted to the refinery where he watched thirteen thousand tons of Belize sugar arrive at the factory. Mac McLachlan, Senior Advisor to Tate and Lyle, commenting on the Prime Minister’s visit said “… It’s clear that giant leaps by the entire sugar industry in Belize over the last few years have provide Belize and the sugar industry a strong and secure platform for growth and the future of sugar in Belize. We are delighted to be part of that future with all the stakeholders in Belize.” During Barrow’s absence, Gaspar Vega assumes the role of Prime Minister.

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