David Wu

Earlier this year, in January, the Taiwanese Embassy held a scholarship briefing with students, teachers and principals from various educational institutions across the country.  It was to provide information on the application process for scholarships as well as school-life in Taiwan. Well today, Ambassador, Republic of China (Taiwan), David Wu, took the opportunity to report that some twenty-two applicants were successful in receiving one of the two scholarships offered by Taiwan for studies for either a bachelor or masters degree.


David Wu, Ambassador, Republic of China (Taiwan)

“We have more than twenty-two because we are still waiting for the Taiwan scholarship; that is another kind of scholarship. That Taiwan scholarship will have less because that course will be taught in Mandarin, in Chinese. So they have to study one extra year of Mandarin. But even so to study one year of mandarin is not enough for them to fully understand the teaching in Chinese. So it will be actually more challenging for them to study this Taiwan scholarship. But most ICDF and the Taiwan scholarship…up until last year, we have already had two hundred and six scholarship recipients from Belize and half of them have completed their study and come back to Belize.  This year was very different from the previous years that we have a meeting to announce the application of the scholarships for this year and we invited students from all different districts of Belize. This year, we are very concerned about the lack of study of calculus which is taught in Taiwan in high school. And so scholarship recipients when they go to study in Taiwan; especially in engineering or computer science or medicine, they would find that they were left behind in some subjects because of the lack of calculus. So this year, we arranged for one lecturer from the University of Belize. The classes will start eighteenth of June and will be taught at the ITVET of Belize City twice a week for two hours—Tuesday and Thursday. OUT 19:44

IN 18:00 We hope these scholarship recipients make the best use of their opportunity to go study in Taiwan and we hope that they would come back to contribute to Belize.”


The students will depart for Taiwan in mid August. They are: Janell Dawson, Leanne Castillo, Christian Balderamos, Kervin Can, Victoriano Pascual, Gerardo Aldana, Edrei Alvarado, Wani Morgan, Karim Torres, Cindy Albeno, Elvis Saravia, Tricia Perez, Wilbur Dubon, Elsa Cardinez, Bryon Flowers, Levi Muñoz, Efrain Uh, Monica Matus, Leslie Rodriguez and Luanne Manzanero.