Mexican exhibit honors Yucatecan expert in ink collages

Friendship between Belize and Mexico has recently further enhanced by a meeting of representatives working in the tourism sector. But for those who don’t cross the border to visit, our neighbors have brought the art of one of its painters to Belize. Tonight, the Embassy of Mexico invites the public to view the works of   Maria Luisa Villareal Sonora. As the press officer for the Embassy explains, the exhibit titled “My Life, My Dreams, My World” is for everyone. 


Marcelino Miranda, Press Officer, Embassy of Mexico

“This exhibition includes a collection of drawings by Mexican artist, Maria Luisa Villareal. She is originally from north Mexico and she has been living in Yucatan. Maria Luisa Villareal has developed most of her artistic career in Yucatan and as the public will see, most of her work reflects that experience in Yucatan. You will see the intricacies and details of animals, plants, the people, jungle and sometimes characters of everyday life.

Marcelino Miranda

I think for the Belizean public, this will be an interesting experience because what we are going to see is technique that is not common in contemporary art and this is something that M Luisa Villareal is developing in her drawings. This technique combines labyrinth and most of her work you will see that it is full of different shapes. This is a very interesting technique and she is presenting very interesting works and pieces of art—with ink and some drawings. Most of her work is just in black and white, but at the same time, you can see through her work is full of color and it reflects the characteristics of nature, of the jungle in the Yucatan peninsula, the flora, the fauna and all the people and other characters in everyday life are reflected in her work.”