May 2013

Micro Enterprise Utility Start-up Package  - Press Conference

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Consumer Watch Newsletter

Dear Readers,

The Belize Bureau of Standards presents its latest issue of the Consumer Watch Newsletter. BBS Newsletter Vol 5 Issue 1 (April 2013)

Also, look out for our new Newsletter Design in our next issue.
Thank you!

What’s great about owning a Small Business?

Just imagine:

  • identifying a product or service that people want
  • doing what you love to do
  • doing something useful, or for which there’s a clear need
  • creating something new
  • improving people’s quality of life or work.

Imagine doing any one of these, and being paid for it. Imagine getting full credit, both monetarily and in client satisfaction, for your great business idea.2009_1210_cp_who_are_the_garifuna_580x290

The wonderful thing about small business is that enterprise-ready ideas are all around you. Consider these activities as business opportunities:

  • cleaning
  • mowing lawns
  • washing cars
  • walking dogs or washing pets
  • looking after younger children
  • umpiring sports matches
  • teaching people to swim
  • organising discos, dances or school excursions
  • finding information on the Internet
  • designing and producing greeting cards
  • printing brochures for local churches or associations
  • baking biscuits
  • translating for people who don’t speak much English
  • reading for blind or elderly people
  • lending books, toys or bikes.

People are prepared to pay you for these things for all sorts of reasons:

  • They don’t have the know-how.
  • They physically can’t do it by themselves and need assistance.
  • They don’t know where to find the information they need.
  • They don’t have the necessary equipment, such as the sound system or the computer.
  • They want to use something, but don’t want to commit to buying it.
  • They’re very busy.
  • The job has to be done and there is nobody else to do it.


CARIBBEAN GROWTH FORUM Belize National Chapter

Belize Wind Energy

Belize Wind Energy Ltd goal is to build multiple large scale wind farms in strategic locations in Belize and thereby guaranteeing the people of Belize price stabilization and supply security, supporting Belize in becoming energy independent and creating an economically viable industry by producing energy and exporting it to the entire Americas.

Belize Wind Energy Ltd is investing hundreds of millions of dollars in the Belize economy over a very short period of time by financing and building large-scale wind farms.

The initial feasibility study is ongoing and we project construction to commence in 2014. Clean, reliable and renewable wind energy will be available in Belize in 2014.

CARILED hosts Local Government Training


Castries, Saint Lucia:  The Caribbean Local Economic Development Project (CARILED) officially opened its third training workshop on Local Economic Development (LED) in the Caribbean.  The one week workshop, held from May 20 – 24, 2013, will train National CARILED Coordinators, Local Economic Development Officers and selected local government officials from 7 demonstration countries that will host projects on local economic development.

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National Festival of Arts 2013

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