Belizean women, 16 recognized for contribution to society


Cynthia Williams

The culmination of a month-long series of activities in commemoration of Women’s Month was held on Wednesday night with an honors ceremony in recognition of nineteen outstanding Belizean women.  The Bliss Center for the Performing Arts was the venue of the eight annual Women’s Award, where acknowledgment was bestowed upon a cohort of great women for their individual contributions to Belizean society.  The idea behind hailing the class of nineteen, according to Acting Director of the Women’s Department Cynthia Williams, is to celebrate them as positive role models for men and women alike.


Cynthia Williams, Acting Director, Women’s Department

“We closed the celebration in observance of Women’s Month last night with the Eight Annual Outstanding Women’s Awards.  It was held at the Bliss and it was an opportunity for the department, as well as partner agencies, both government and civil society to showcase the work and contributions of several women throughout the country.  So the department, on an annual basis, selects a woman per district on their work, on their contributions.  Many of them do volunteer service in various areas, issues dealing with children, women, boys, men and boys at risk, and so we really feel that it’s an opportunity for us to really applaud their efforts.  And so every year we select a woman from each district and we invite the partner agencies, government and civil society, to do the same.  The women who they select, they are either working within their organization or women who they have seen within the community, have seen their involvement and feel it is important to laud their efforts.  And last night we had nineteen women honored from throughout the country.  We had from Corozal, Punta Gorda, Belize City, even from some of the villages, Mahogany Heights and it was really a wonderful event because it provides, also, an opportunity for us to see the different role models that we have within our community, especially for young women.  Last year we also included young women, so it’s really an opportunity for us to say, we don’t have to look beyond our borders, we have wonderful, dynamic, outstanding women who are able to serve as role models and so we were able to do that last night.”


The women are from all walks of life and diverse backgrounds. The group includes Sandra Garret, Raquel Trapp, Carmen McCulloch, Glenda Francis, Victoria Hernandez, Staff Sergeant Carolyn Tillett and Dylcia Feinstein. Women’s Month began in early March with a series of activities geared towards engaging men, women and children, and by extension the Belizean family, towards the role and importance of women.