3rd Annual Belize Music Awards is going to be hype

Move over Grammy Awards…it’s time to celebrate music in Belize and there’s no better place to do that than the third annual Belize Music Awards. The event kicks off with a red carpet affair at the Bliss Center for the Performing Arts on Saturday night, and with all the hype and talent in the lineup, it promises to be the musical event of the year. Today Logistics Coordinator Orson Picart and PR Director Andazi stopped by our studios to issue an open invitation to the big night, to remind the public to vote for their favorite artists and to give us a sneak peek at the entertainment lineup.

Orson Picart, Logistics Coordinator

“From seven to eight o’clock we have a red carpet appearance from all the artists and we invite members from the media out as well so that they can take footage and take pictures and what have you and the actual award show normally kicks off at eight o’clock and it will start off at eight o’clock this year and it goes late into the night. Over the years, it has evolved in terms of the structural organization of the award show and also we have added more awards in this year’s awards show.”


Andazi, P.R. Director

“This year we have seventeen categories and the highlight is that for the first time ever, we have incorporated Reggaeton into the show. So we have representation from out west and up north. We are going to have a best Reggaeton artist as well as a number one Reggaeton song. We also have best reggae artist, best dancehall artist, best Punta artist, best hip hop artist, best female vocalist, best male vocalist, upcoming artist, artist of the year and we also have number one songs in all those categories including the number one soca song and the breakout tune for 2012. There are three modes of voting. You can text vote with your Digicell phone to BZMA (2962), you can find the code for the artist on our flavaz entertainment facebook page and you text that code to BZMA. Also you can vote online at mybelize.net and you can get ballots at NICH.”

Orson Picart

Orson Picart

“We have the top of the top artists. We have been talking to them some time to get them to perform at the award show and it is from Reggaeton to Punta to dancehall to hip hop. So we have artist like Nello Player, Jenko who will be performing, we have Denise Castillo, we also have Roni B who is one of the Reggaeton artist will be performing; Consego, Positive Vibes, 375, King, Swaggerman. It is a pool of established urban artists as well as up and coming urban artists as well. It is going to be one of the family events of the year and for all the people who support Belizean artists over the years, this is your opportunity to come out and show them that they are appreciated.”

Voting closes on Friday, so be sure to select your favorite musical artist in the categories of your choice. The red carpet session kicks off at seven p.m.