March 14, 2013


See BELTRAIDE / SBDCBelize at The Belize Chamber of Commerce & Industry Finance Expo 2013, this Friday and Saturday. Image

Tips on Creating a Logo

A logo is the visual representation of your company. It graphically imparts information to everyone who views it, subtlety informing them if your organization is creative or conservative, playful or serious. Coming up with the perfect logo for an organization is not always easy. It takes creativity and diligence to develop a design that captures the essence of your company with just a momentary glance. Continue reading “Tips on Creating a Logo”

Belize Bond 2038

Belize Bond 2038; the newly minted superbond

The much condemned and now newly minted super-bond is now the Belize Bond 2038, a done deal with a majority of bondholders signing on and the balance will follow suit under a collective action clause. The numbers have been thrown about since last week, but today Prime Minister Dean Barrow was all smiles as he called the occasion reason for celebration. The stakeholders in the restructuring process were on hand for that celebration and freelance reporter Mike Rudon has the story from the Biltmore Plaza. Continue reading “Belize Bond 2038”

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