“Mother Nature’s best kept secret” has been the touristic logo for Belize for a while. Well now the secret has been revealed. BELIZE is now known for its naturally beautiful and welcoming environment. People from the rest of the world are making Belize their destination for fun, relaxation and just plain “living your life”. Geographically positioned between North America and South America, the Central American nation of Belize is not only an English first language speaking country, it has all the attributes of a stable commonwealth country. A former British colony, Belize attained its political independence since 21st Sept 1981, and has been the model of democracy in this region. With abundant natural resources that includes land and sea, it boost the largest barrier reef system in this hemisphere, the longest underground historic Mayan cave system ever discovered and most of all a people so diverse, multi-ethnic and welcoming. The smiles on the faces of Belizean reveal a pleasant, warm and friendly people. Whether your desire is for diving, fishing, sunbathing or cave exploring, zip lining through our forest or just mere sightseeing and relaxation, Belize can satisfy your desire and even exceeds it.

Combining adequate cost effective dental care with exploring Belize on days off from the clinic provides for a healthy mix. You not only get your dental priorities done on a timely basis but you get to know Belize and enjoy its many wonders for less than what it would cost in most parts of the world, and this even includes airfare.

The clinic can have your accommodation and tour plans arranged for you at no additional expenses once your treatment plan and appointments are established. We can tailor your visit for it to be beneficial to your health, for fun and cost effective.


Medical / Dental Tourism