March 13, 2013

Medical / Dental Tourism


“Mother Nature’s best kept secret” has been the touristic logo for Belize for a while. Well now the secret has been revealed. BELIZE is now known for its naturally beautiful and welcoming environment. People from the rest of the world are making Belize their destination for fun, relaxation and just plain “living your life”. Continue reading “Medical / Dental Tourism”

Make the Most of Your Downtime

It’s hard to carve out time to relax in a 24/7 world. But just as it’s healthy to focus at work — ignoring Facebook and personal email — you must occasionally leave work behind. Here’s how:

  • Clearly schedule your time. Treat downtime like a work meeting: Schedule it. Book evenings off, one to two days a week free of work, and weeklong chunks of vacation every year on your calendar, and stick to them.
  • Shut off your devices. Leave your laptop at the office when you can. Carry a phone for work and one for personal use — leave the work phone in your bag when you come home or in the safe at your hotel when you’re on vacation.
  • Create routines. Signal to your mind that it’s time to start work, leave work, or engage with family by using rituals to transition from one kind of activity to the next.

Ruta Maya Challenge

Sports Monday: The Belikin Ruta Maya Challenge Winner and other sporting activities

  Continue reading “Ruta Maya Challenge”

Butane prices go down

Butane prices go down

There is some good news for households and that is that the price of butane gas has gone down in every district. The reduced prices kicked in over the weekend and show a dollar less for the price of hundred pound cylinder. In Belize City and Corozal, it is selling for one hundred and sixteen dollars; in Belmopan and San Ignacio it is at one hundred and eighteen dollars; in Benque Viejo it is one hundred and nineteen dollars; in Orange Walk at one hundred and seventeen dollars; in Dangriga it is one hundred and twenty dollars and Punta Gorda it is selling at the highest for one hundred and twenty-one dollars per cylinder.


Production of Sugar

Relations and production of Sugar Industry sweet

In October 2012, American Sugar Refining, ASR, acquired majority shares in the Belize Sugar Industry after a turbulent period including near bankruptcy and sustained factory/cane-farmer tension. Since then things have been quiet, until a release last week from B.S.I. stating that dividends of three million had been approved for the 2012 period. That’s big news, especially since more than five million was owed to shareholders by the financially insolvent pre-ASR, B.S.I.  But it’s not the only big news or good news. News Five was in the sugar city and freelance reporter Mike Rudon found out that production is good and relations between the factory and cane farmers is sweet. Here’s the story. Continue reading “Production of Sugar”

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