March 12, 2013

Update on Alternative Energy in the Caribbean

Alternative Energy Policy Objectives:

Reducing reliance on fossil fuels and diversifying energy sources are two priority policy objectives common throughout the Caribbean.  Regional economies remain increasingly vulnerable to the behavior of oil prices on international markets, as generation capacity in the electricity sector remains highly concentrated in fossil fueled plants.  Rising fuel prices continue to erode the trade balance of the economies in the region, as the cost of imports remains in excess of foreign currency earnings from tourism, manufacturing and other export activities.

Alternative Energy in the Caribbean

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SBDCBelize – Basic Book Keeping Workshop


Small Business Tip of the Day

When the Customer Is Wrong

If you’ve done everything you can to help a customer and they’re still unhappy, it may be time to cut your losses, particularly if the customer is being unreasonable or abusive. Continue reading “Small Business Tip of the Day”

Superbond successfully launched

The government has announced that the Super Bond has been successfully launched. As of March 8, 2013, holders of eight-six point one-seven percent of the country’s U.S. Dollar Bonds due in 2029 had tendered their bonds in response to Belize’s February fifteenth, 2013 offer to exchange those instruments for new Belize U.S. Dollar Bonds which will mature in 2038.  Under the new terms, holders of not less than seventy-five percent of the Bonds have instructed the Trustee for those instruments to tender the entirety of the 2029 Bonds in exchange for 2038 Bonds. The results of the tender process that ended today and the bond exchange should be completed by the end of the month.


Sylvia Flores, US Embassy’s Woman of the Year

Sylvia Flores, US Embassy’s Woman of the Year

International Woman’s Day is celebrated and most countries are committing to the creation of opportunities for women and to end violence and discrimination.  In Belmopan, a ceremony hosted by the US Embassy took place to pay homage to outstanding women. Ten notable females from many walks of life were nominated and one very accomplished woman was selected for her stellar work and accomplishments in public life. Duane Moody reports.

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