A glossy new publication was officially launched January 30th, 2013. It is being published by Idea Labs and commissioned by BELTRAIDE. Invest Belize, as it is called, is geared exclusively to attract foreign investments that has dipped significantly in the past years. At the presentation today, Minister Godwin Hulse said the first issue won’t disappoint. News Five’s  was at the launch, to provide coverage on this exciting success!

Jose Sanchez reports:

Jose Sanchez, Reporting

Everyone knows the local magazine was designed to attract tourists to Belize but today BELTRAIDE launched the first of its kind to attract funding that would build the country. BELTRAIDE unveiled ‘Invest Belize.’

Beverly Burke

Beverly Burke, Director, Business Development, BELTRAIDE

“In the words of the Prime Minister of Belize, Honorable Dean Barrow, it is with great pride that I invite you to take a close look at an unusual opportunity to combine business and pleasure. This is the opportunity that investing in Belize has to offer. We are delighted and honored to have you all here knowing that you have taken valuable time to share in this great moment with us. We at BELTRAIDE, with the support of our ministry have owned the challenge of thinking outside the proverbial box that traditional limits to growth can be overcome via more creative and innovative thinking and partnering with those sharing similar vision. Invest Belize promise to take you inside Belize’s sectors and industries and provide the right information to the targeted audience, educate them about the products and services and move them closer to making informed decisions about investing in Belize.”

Godwin Hulse

In the first issue, Minister Godwin Hulse was also featured in an article on the sugar industry.

Godwin Hulse, Minister of Labour, Local Government and Rural Development

“This effort that creating a new business, investment magazine; is long overdue and I’m happy that today we are witnessing its realization. This effort by the government of Belize, through its investment promotion agency, BELTRAIDE, in conjunction and collaboration with the private sector actor, Idea Lab, finally gives flesh to the word and makes a long promise a reality. The tourism sector, although an integral part of the business sector, have longed produced their promotion magazine, Destination Belize and there is no doubt that their effort has produced dividends to the industry. The other sectors, however, have been left out and one may say even neglected. Today the launch of this magazine seeks to fill that void. It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words and also that success breathes success. A magazine like this which attempts to highlight in pictorial and visual form, the success and outlines the opportunities for investment in this jewel of ours is a welcomed initiative.”

The glossy paged magazine was published by Idea Lab. Its Editor in Chief, Demian Solano, also spoke at the launch.

Demian Solano

Demian Solano, Editor in Chief

“I think it also opens a dialogue in the business sector; there is very little reporting on business in the market place. There are many success stories to be told, many opportunities that are not known. Invest Belize magazine will become a vehicle for dissemination of these stories and opportunities and the resilience of the private sector is what drives everything and I think that we will all continue to march forward despite any challenges. We how that this partnership creates new business opportunities not only in attracting foreign investments and the creation of jobs, but also as a catalyst for a more concerted and aligned effort in how both the private and the public sector position Belize in the global economy.”

Mike Singh

Mike Singh, C.E.O., Ministry of Trade, Investment, Private Sector Development

“I want to invite you to enjoy the magazine and most importantly I want to invite you to help us by contributing the types of content and articles that we will need to make it the publication that the minister indicated—that will be distributed in the areas that we want to distribute—through our embassies, through our business people that are going on shows and trade shows, to our government officials that travels, on everybody’s coffee table; that is where it needs to be.”

Reporting for News Five, Jose Sanchez.

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