PROJECT NAME: Integrated Entrepreneurship Development in Central America and Dominican Republic

FUNDING AGENCY: CENPROMYPE through Republic of China (Taiwan)

POSITION: Local Project Coordinator

Statement of Capability:

The objective of the project is to Promote and strengthen entrepreneurship in Central America and the Dominican Republic with the purpose of establishing new Micro, Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (MSME); and developing and strengthening businesses in the MSME sector. The project has four components:
1. Awareness and support for national strategies for entrepreneurship and design of the regional strategy
2. Seed capital funding for the promotion of entrepreneurial projects with market potential at National and/or Regional level.
3. Establishment of a network that links MSMEs and increase value added products/ services
4. Knowledge management and Capacity Building

The Belize Trade & Investment Development Service (BELTRAIDE) in collaboration with a regional partner is looking for interested candidates to apply for the post of “Local Project Coordinator for a Regional Entrepreneurial Project”

The Coordinator must have expertise and experience including:

• Two years of work experience with Micro, Small and Medium Sized Enterprises, especially related to business development services, associate and local economic development.
• Knowledge of the gender approaches in projects
• Competent in project management methodology and planning tools with monitoring and evaluation skills;
• Negotiation skills and ability to handle inter institutional relationships;
• Organization skills and experience in resource allocation:
• Ability to work in groups and conflict management;
• Proactive with a high degree of responsibility and leadership;
• Experience using Microsoft office suite and other applications

Other Requirements:

• Bachelor’s Degree in Economics, Business or related fields.
• It is required that the candidate is from Central America and must be fluent in English and Spanish (oral and written)

The duration for the post of the Local Project Coordinator is for 21 months and will sign a service contract. Periodical performance evaluations will be done to verify the effectiveness of work performed and adjustments to meet its project objectives. The Coordinator will be supervised by the Regional Coordinator of Projects of CENPROMYPE as well as by BELTRAIDE.

Considerations and Payments:

The Coordinator will be paid as follows: monthly payments (including taxes), the payment includes per diem incurred for implementation of project. Interested applicants must submit their application by Friday, February 1, 2013.

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