As a commitment to strengthen the relationship between the Public and the Private sector of Belize, a second annual business forum was held today at Old Belize. This forum brought members from both the private and public sector, to a table of discussion on how develop Belize’s economy.

During the course of the day, presenters elaborated on Agriculture and the Agro-Industry, Taxation, the Investments, Trade and Business Climate, as well as, the Banking and Financial state of our country, and finally the crime situation. Today’s presenters included: CEO’s fromt he Ministry of Agriculture and Trade, Mr. Jose Alpuche and Mr. Michael Singh respectively, as well as, the Governor of the Central Bank, Mr. Glen Ysaguirre, the Financial Secretary Mr, Joseph Waight, and the Minister of National Security Hon. John Saldivar.

Last year, a steering committee, called the Economic Development Council (EDC), was appointed by Prime Minister Dean Barrow, to follow up with the issues that were raised particularly by the private sector. In addition, the EDC, is to utilize the skills and strength that both the private and public sector brings to the table to strategically address the obstacles to doing business in Belize, to remove them and build instead a road to opportunity.

There is no arguing against the fact that a strong public-private partnership is essential to the development of the economy. The examples we’ve seen of countries able to create and build upon economic and social success have had, at the core of that success, a strong, well-developed teamwork approach by their public and private sectors. This is the most urgent requirement for us if we are to develop Belize’s potential for investment, for entrepreneurship,  innovation, and for export development.