The Ministry of Energy, Science & Technology and Public Utilities launched a progressive  energy and technology policy.  “The document provides an outline for the Sustainable Energy Strategy in the development of a low carbon economy by 2033” (MESTPU Strategic Plan 2012-2017, p.Xii).

Within the Strategic plan, specific goals mentioned include:

  • Reduce per capita energy  intensity of at least 30% by 2033
  • Develop an Energy Efficiency and Conservation Policy 2012-2033
  • 50% reduction of the electricity bill for public sector buildings for cooling and lighting to US $3.4MM

And many other specific goals were highlighted.

An Assessment of the current energy situation indicates the following:

Source: MESTPU Strategic Plan 2012-2017/NEP 2011

Energy sources to be explored include:

  • Biomass-Utilizing land fit for feedstock production
  • Hydro- Currently installed with plans for future expansion
  • Wind- Pending identification of feasible locations
  • Solar- To attend to remote locations and cooling services for buildings
  • Oil- Increased productivity of oil extraction

For access to the complete Strategic Plan 2012-2017, kindly click here.