World Standards Day (WSD) is celebrated annually on the 14th of October with the aim of increasing awareness among industry stakeholders, regulators, and consumers on the importance of standardization on global trade. The day honors the efforts of thousands of experts who voluntarily contribute to the development of voluntary standards within recognized organizations such as the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) or the International Electro technical Commission (IEC). The sphere of standardization revolves around various subject matters to address legitimate issues such as the environment, quality, human health & safety etc, and for this reason each year WSD is celebrated under a specific theme. On its 43rd anniversary, the theme for this year’s WSD celebration is “Less Waste, Better Results – Standards Increase Efficiency”. The theme recognizes that standards and codes help to measure, compare, and increase efficiency and reduce waste in all forms. They create a solid base from which to develop innovative products and services and provide practical guidance on issues that assist economies and organizations to increase their efficiency and effectiveness in meeting customer needs. The state-of-the art know-how contained in international standards and codes helps companies and organizations compete globally, produce more efficiently for more markets, and reduce costs.

The Belize Bureau of Standards has recognized this importance and has celebrated this event for the past three years to increase awareness among its stakeholders. The Bureau also wishes to express gratitude for all those who have contributed to the development of standards either at national or regional level.